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urfavbellabby! She was born in Alberta on May 19, 1994, and has taken the world by storm with her amazing videos. Standing tall and confident, urfavbellabby has become a fan-favorite with relatable content that will have you laughing and dancing. With her impressive height and captivating personality, she has gained a massive following on social media. In 2024, urfavbellabby’s net worth is expected to increase as she continues to entertain and inspire her fans.

Who is urfavbellabby?

urfavbellabby is a super cool lady from Canada who makes videos that lots of people love to watch. She was born a long time ago, in 1994, which makes her a big sister to many of her fans. urfavbellabby loves to dance, make jokes, and share fun stories on TikTok, where you can watch short videos.

She’s very tall, which makes her easy to spot in a crowd! People from all over the world follow her because she makes them smile and feel happy. She’s like a friend; you can laugh with her whenever you watch her videos.


Real name
Date of Birth
May 19, 1994
Followers Instagram
366k (Click Profile)
54kg  (119Ibs)
5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth
$2 Million
30 years old

The Rise of urfavbellabby on TikTok

Once upon a time, a super cool lady named urfavbellabby decided to start sharing her fun dances and jokes on TikTok. People from all over the world began watching her videos, laughing, and dancing along with her.

She made many friends on TikTok because her videos were like a warm hug Followers 366k (Click Profile) Everyone loved how tall she was and how she could dance and tell stories that improved their day. Soon, more and more people started following her, making her one of the biggest stars on TikTok. It was like a magical journey that kept getting more exciting every day!

urfavbellabby’s Net Worth and Career Highlights

urfavbellabby has done some pretty cool things! She makes videos that make a lot of people smile and dance. Currently, it’s estimated to be net worth around $2 million, Because she’s so good at this, she has made some money. People think she has a lot of dollars, like a treasure chest you’d find in a pirate story.

She got to work with big companies that want to make people happy. Urfavbellabby has also won some awards because her videos are super fun. Every time she posts a new video, more people become her friends. That’s a big part of her treasure!

Behind the Scenes: urfavbellabby’s Early Life

urfavbellabby was a happy kid who loved making friends and family laugh. From a young age, she enjoyed dancing in her room and telling funny stories. She always had a big smile that could light up any room. As a little girl, urfavbellabby liked to dress up and pretend she was a star in her show.

She would spend hours creating fun adventures and sharing them with anyone listening. This love for storytelling and making people smile was just the beginning of her journey to becoming a TikTok star.

urfavbellabby’s Secret to Success on Social Media

urfavbellabby knows how to make friends online by being lovely and sharing smiles. She thinks of fun dances and jokes that make everyone want to watch her videos repeatedly. She also listens to what her friends like online and tries creating videos to make them happy.

urfavbellabby believes in being herself and showing everyone that it’s okay to be silly and have fun. That’s how she became so loved on TikTok. She also says thank you to her fans because she knows they’re a big reason she’s so popular.

The Personal Life of urfavbellabby

urfavbellabby loves spending time with her family and friends when she’s not making videos. She enjoys playing games, exploring nature, and having picnics in the park. She also has a cute pet that she adores and often shares in her stories. Her favorite food is pizza, and she always tries new toppings. urfavbellabby also likes reading books and drawing colorful pictures. She believes in spreading kindness and always tries to help others feel happy. Her life is filled with fun, laughter, and lots of love from the people around her.

urfavbellabby’s Physical Stats: Height and Weight

urfavbellabby is tall, like a gentle giant from a fairy tale! Imagine looking up and seeing someone so tall, it’s like they can touch the stars. She stands out in a crowd, not just because she’s super funny and makes awesome videos, but because of how tall she is.

It’s like having a superpower that helps everyone see her better, wildly when she’s dancing or playing games. Even though we don’t know exactly how much she weighs 54kg  (119Ibs) and Height 5 feet 7 inches it’s not the most important thing. What matters is how she uses her height to spread joy and make her videos fun.

The Influence of urfavbellabby’s Family on Her Career

Urfavbellabby has an incredible family that helped her become a star. They always told her she could do anything she wanted if she worked hard and stayed happy. When she was little, they danced with her in the living room and laughed at all her jokes. They were like her very first fans!

Her family also helped her when she was sad or when making videos got tough. They’re like a team, always cheering for her and giving her hugs. Because of her family’s love and support, urfavbellabby keeps making awesome videos that make everyone smile.

Future Projects and Aspirations of urfavbellabby

urfavbellabby has big dreams for the future! She wants to make even more fun videos that can make people worldwide laugh and dance. She’s thinking about making a big, super cool show where she can share stories and adventures with everyone. urfavbellabby also dreams of helping animals and making the planet a happier place.

She imagines creating a unique garden where she can film her videos and show her friends how to care for plants and animals online. Every day, she’s dreaming up new ideas to make the world brighter for you and me!

How urfavbellabby Engages with Her Fans

urfavbellabby loves talking to her friends, who are her fans, on the internet! She uses happy emojis and kind words when they write to her. If you send her a nice message, she might send one back with a big smiley face! She also asks her fans what dances or jokes they want to see next. Sometimes, she plays fun games or has little challenges everyone can try. It’s like a big, fun party with urfavbellabby online. She makes sure everyone feels unique and part of her TikTok family.

Tips from urfavbellabby for Aspiring TikTok Creators

urfavbellabby has some excellent tips for kids who want to be TikTok stars like her! First, she says it’s super important to be yourself because that makes you unique. Also, remember to have lots of fun when you make your videos. If you love making them, people will love watching them! She also thinks you should be nice to everyone online.

Being kind makes more friends. And remember, practice makes perfect. So, keep trying even if it’s hard at first. Lastly, always thank people who watch your videos because they take the time to be with you.

Nationality And Religion

urfavbellabby is from a prominent, beautiful place called Canada, which makes her Canadian! Imagine all the fun snow and colorful maple leaves there. Now, about what she believes in, if she has a particular religion, it’s like a secret garden that’s private to her.

Like how some friends might feel in different stories or have various celebrations, everyone has their own. urfavbellabby likes to share smiles and dances with everyone, regardless of their beliefs. It’s all about being kind and spreading joy!

Famous Reason

Urfavbellabby became famous because she makes really fun videos on TikTok. She dances and tells jokes that make a lot of people happy. Imagine having a friend who can always make you laugh and teach you cool dance moves—that’s her!

She shares her happiness with everyone around the world through her videos. People like watching her because she’s like sunshine, spreading joy and laughter. That’s why so many people love her and follow her adventures online. She’s like a happy hero on the internet!

Real Name

urfavbellabby is an amusing name to say. It’s not her real name! Her real name is Noturhoneybb. It’s like when you have a nickname that your friends call you because it’s unique. Noturhoneybb was the name given to her when she was born in Alberta, Canada. It’s a unique name, just like her! So, when she makes those super fun videos that make us laugh and dance, she uses urfavbellabby because it’s easy to remember, and it sounds like she’s everyone’s favorite Bella!

Interesting Facts About

  • urfavbellabby has a pet that she loves a lot! Imagine having a furry friend who is part of your fun adventures.
  • She likes trying new pizza toppings. It’s like a pizza party every time, with so many flavors to discover!
  • When she was little, she loved dressing up and pretending to be in her show. It’s like having a costume box full of surprises.
  • urfavbellabby enjoys drawing colorful pictures. Picture her making the world brighter with her art. 
  • She loves nature and going on picnics in the park. Imagine sitting on a blanket, surrounded by trees, and sharing snacks with friends.
  • Dancing in her room was one of her favorite things as a kid. It’s like having a dance party any time you want!
  • urfavbellabby believes in spreading kindness. Think of her as a superhero whose power is making people happy with her smile and laughter.


How did urfavbellabby start making videos?

She started making videos because she loves to dance and make people laugh. It’s like sharing your favorite toy with a friend to see them smile.

Does urfavbellabby have a favorite dance move?

Yes! But she loves trying new moves too, like when you learn a new game, it becomes your favorite.

What is urfavbellabby’s favorite color?

Like a rainbow, she loves many colors, but she might share her favorite one in a video!

Can I send urfavbellabby a message?

Sure! She loves reading messages from friends and tries to send happy replies whenever possible. 


urfavbellabby, the TikTok star who dances her way into our hearts. From her start in Alberta, Canada, to becoming a famous internet friend, we’ve learned lots of cool stuff about her. She’s tall, funny, and loves making people smile with her videos. She reminds us that being ourselves is essential and spreading joy makes the world brighter.

Whether dancing, playing with her pet, or just sharing a laugh, urfavbellabby shows us the magic of being kind and having fun. So, let’s keep dancing, smiling, and being the best we can be, just like urfavbellabby!

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