Santiago Rulli Galliano Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Santiago Rulli Galliano

Santiago Rulli Galliano is a young American celebrity child who has captured the hearts of many with his charming personality. Born on January 15th, 2010, in Mexico, Santiago is just 24 years old as of 2024. He is the son of Cecilia Galliano and Sebastián Rulli, both of whom are well-known figures in the entertainment industry. Santiago’s mother has a blend of Galician and Basque heritage, while his father is of mixed European and Indigenous American ancestry.

This makes Santiago a diverse and multicultural individual. At the age of 7, Santiago stands tall at 5 feet and weighs 34kg. His family’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million, which is quite impressive for such a young age. Stay tuned to learn more about Santiago Rulli Galliano’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki.

Who is Santiago Rulli Galliano?

Santiago Rulli Galliano is a kid who became famous because his mom and dad are well-known. He was born in Mexico but is an American boy. Santiago has a big sister named Valentina, and they have lots of fun together. 

He’s really interested in different places and people because his family comes from various backgrounds. Santiago is just like any other kid; he goes to school, plays, and has hobbies. He’s known for being kind and loving to explore new things. Imagine having adventures and learning every day; that’s what Santiago does!


Santiago Rulli Galliano
Date of birth
15th January 2010
14 years as of 2024
Zodiac sign
Place of birth

Real Name

Santiago Rulli Galliano might sound like a character from a storybook, but it’s his real name. Just like you, his name was chosen by his mom and dad because they thought it was special. 

Santiago Rulli Galliano

 It’s unique, just like him. When he hears his name, he knows his family and friends are talking to him. Names are important because they are a big part of who we are. He loves his name, and it fits him perfectly.

Santiago Rulli Galliano – The Early Years

Santiago Rulli Galliano was a happy baby who grew up surrounded by love. From a very young age, he showed interest in exploring and learning new things. His family would often take him on trips, where he learned about different cultures and met new friends. Santiago always had a big smile when playing with his toys or when listening to stories read by his parents.

 These fun times made his early years special. He was a curious little boy, always asking questions and trying to find out more about the world around him. Santiago’s love for adventure started early, making every day an exciting one.

Parents and Siblings

Santiago has an incredible mom named Cecilia Galliano and a dad named Sebastián Rulli. They are both stars on TV, which makes Santiago a little star, too! He also has an older sister, Valentina. Imagine having a big sister to share your toys and play games with.

 That’s what Santiago has! They are a happy family, always spending time together, going on fun trips, and having movie nights. Santiago loves being around his family. They make every day an adventure and fill it with laughter and smiles.

Favourite Foods

Santiago loves to eat lots of yummy foods! His top favorite is pizza with lots of cheese. He also likes eating tacos, which are fun food from Mexico. For breakfast, he enjoys pancakes with syrup and sometimes adds fruits like strawberries or bananas on top.

Santiago is always excited to try new foods, especially when they are sweet. Ice cream is his go-to treat on hot days, with chocolate being his favorite flavor. Eating with his family makes every meal extra special for him.

Favourite Games

Santiago loves playing fun games that make him think and move. He enjoys tag, where he runs fast so as not to get caught. Hide and seek is another favorite because he finds the best hiding spots. When he’s with friends, board games are super fun. 

They laugh a lot while trying to win. Santiago also likes puzzles, putting pieces together to see the whole picture. These games help Santiago have a great time, whether he’s indoors or out in the sun, always filled with joy and laughter as he plays.


Santiago has many friends, both at school and in his neighborhood. They often play together, sharing adventures and creating memories. Whether it’s a game of soccer in the park or building forts, Santiago and his friends work as a team, laughing and having a great time. 

They also love to swap comic books and talk about their favorite superheroes. His friends think Santiago is fun to be around because he’s always up for trying new things. Together, they make every day exciting and full of discovery.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Physical Attributes: Height and Weight

Santiago is a pretty tall 7-year-old, standing at 5 feet! That’s as tall as some grown-ups! And he weighs 34kg, which is just suitable for someone his age and height. 

Being active and playing lots of soccer helps him stay healthy and strong. Santiago likes to run and play, which is suitable for growing kids. His height and weight show he’s growing just like he should, making him happy and ready for more fun adventures.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Before Fame

Before he was known to many, Santiago Rulli Galliano was a regular kid enjoying life’s simple pleasures. His days were filled with playful laughter, learning new things, and spending precious time with his family. Santiago always had a bright smile and an eager mind, ready to explore the world around him. 

Santiago Rulli Galliano

Even before people learned his name, he was creating happy memories, showing kindness to everyone, and sharing his love for adventure. Santiago’s journey started with the love and support of his family, setting the foundation for the beautiful experiences that lay ahead.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Career

Right now, Santiago Rulli Galliano is too young to have a job like grown-ups do. But he is learning lots of new things every day that could help him choose a career when he gets older. Maybe he’ll become a soccer player since he loves the game so much, or perhaps his love for drawing and coloring might lead him to become an artist. 

Who knows, he might even turn his love for adventure into being an explorer or scientist. For now, Santiago enjoys playing, learning, and dreaming about all the possibilities the future holds for him.

The Financial Landscape: Parents’ Net Worth

Santiago’s mom and dad, Cecilia Galliano and Sebastián Rulli, have saved up a lot of money from being on TV and in movies. They have $6 million! That’s like having a giant piggy bank full of coins and dollar bills. 

This money helps take care of Santiago and his family, making sure they have everything they need. It also lets them go on fun trips and have adventures together. Money is only one of the essential things, but it helps Santiago’s family do lots of fun stuff.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Nationality And Religion

Santiago Rulli Galliano was born in Mexico but is an American boy, which means he has a Mexican and American background. This mix makes him unique and shows that people can come from different places. Santiago’s family believes in being kind and loving to everyone. 

They enjoy celebrating traditions from both their Mexican and American sides, which makes every day a little more special. Santiago learns about different cultures and beliefs, making him open-minded and respectful to people who might think or believe differently from him.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Legacy and Impact

Even though Santiago Rulli Galliano is still very young, he’s starting to leave a small but unique mark in the world. By being kind, loving animals, and respecting everyone, he shows us how we can all make a positive impact. 

Every time Santiago shares his toys, helps a friend, or learns something new, he sets a good example. It’s like when you smile or say “thank you,” it makes others feel good too. Santiago’s actions remind us that being friendly and curious can lead to significant changes, even if you’re just a kid.

Santiago Rulli GallianoFuture Plains

Santiago has big dreams for his future! He imagines exploring outer space as an astronaut and discovering new stars and planets. Sometimes, he thinks about being a scientist, experimenting, and learning how things work. Or maybe he’ll become a soccer star, scoring goals for his favorite team. 

Santiago knows that whatever he chooses, he wants to keep having fun, make friends, and help others. His future looks bright with all these fantastic possibilities waiting for him.


Playing Soccer: Santiago loves running around and kicking a soccer ball in the yard. It’s fun and keeps him active!

Drawing and Coloring: He enjoys drawing pictures of his family, animals, and superheroes. Coloring them in with bright colors is one of his favorite activities.

Reading Comic Books: Santiago finds comic books super exciting. He likes reading about adventures and imagining he’s part of them.

Building with Blocks: Whether it’s a tall tower or a small house, Santiago loves building things with blocks. It’s like being a little architect!

Riding Bikes: He has a bike that he rides in the park. It’s an excellent way for him to explore and have adventures.

Playing Video Games: Santiago plays video games on rainy days. He enjoys games where he can go on quests and solve puzzles.

Watching Cartoons: Cartoons are a big part of Santiago’s relaxation time. He loves watching them on Saturday mornings.

Santiago Rulli Galliano has lots of hobbies that keep him busy and happy, and he learns new things every day!

Interesting Facts About Santiago Rulli Galliano

Loves Animals: Santiago has a big heart for animals. He likes to play with his pet dog and feed the birds in his garden.

Birthday Buddy: He shares his birthday with famous people! It makes his special day even more fun.

Favorite Color: Blue is Santiago’s favorite color. He thinks it’s calm and calming.

Superhero Fan: Santiago loves superheroes. He often pretends to be one, saving the day.

Adventurous Eater: Even though he’s young, Santiago likes trying foods from different countries. It’s like a tasty adventure!

Nature Lover: Going on hikes and exploring nature is something Santiago enjoys a lot. He loves the fresh air and finding new plants.

Dreams Big: Santiago dreams of becoming an astronaut or a scientist. He’s curious about the stars and how things work.


Got questions about Santiago Rulli Galliano? You’re in the right spot! Here are some excellent answers that are easy to understand:

How old is Santiago?

He’s a young star! Born in 2010, you can figure out how old he is by subtracting that year from the current one.

What does Santiago like to do?

Santiago loves to play soccer, draw, read comic books, build with blocks, ride his bike, play video games, and watch cartoons. He’s always having fun!

Does Santiago have any pets?

Yes, he has a pet dog he loves to play with. He also enjoys feeding the birds in his garden.

Who are Santiago’s parents?

His mom is Cecilia Galliano, and his dad is Sebastián Rulli. They are famous, which makes him famous too!

What’s Santiago’s favorite color?

Blue is his favorite color. He thinks it’s really cool!

Remember, Santiago is a lot like you! He enjoys playing, learning, and spending time with his family and pets.


In the end, Santiago Rulli Galliano is a young boy full of life and dreams. Just like any kid, he enjoys playing games, creating blocks, and spending time outside. His love for soccer, drawing, and adventures shows us how active and curious he is about the world around him. Santiago also cares a lot about animals and nature, which makes him a really kind friend to have. 

Remember, even though his parents are famous, Santiago is a lot like other kids, exploring, learning, and having fun every day. He teaches us that no matter who your family is, enjoying your hobbies and caring for others is what really matters. Keep dreaming big, Santiago!

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