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Just Dance Moms

Justice Dance Moms, the young and talented star who has captured the hearts of many with his impressive dance moves and charming personality. Born on August 31, 2002, in Ohio, Justic is now 20 years old and has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With his passion for dancing and determination to succeed, Justice has become a well-known figure in the dance community. But there’s more to him than just dancing.

Justice is also a loving son to his parents, Mark and Tanya McCort, who have supported and encouraged him every step of the way. His mom, who owns a hair salon, has been a constant source of inspiration for Justice. As he continues to grow in his career, it is clear that Justice has a bright future ahead of him. With his infectious energy and natural talent, it’s no surprise that Justice Dance Moms has become a household name among 7-year-old children and dance enthusiasts.

Who is Justice Dance Mom?

Imagine having a friend who is super good at dancing; they could almost fly when they move to music. That’s who Justic Dance Moms is – a real-life dancing superhero! Justice started dancing as a kid like you might start learning to ride a bike or swim. He danced so much and worked so hard that he became famous, especially on a TV show called “Dance Moms.”

Imagine showing your dance moves to the whole world on TV! That’s what Justice does. He loves to dance and shares that love with everyone, making them smile and maybe want to dance, too. Justice is not just about dancing; he’s like a storybook character who shows us that doing what you love can lead amazing adventures.

Early Life and Education

Imagine when you were tiny, how you learned to do many new things like coloring inside the lines or counting to ten. Justic started his big adventure in Ohio, a place full of trees, houses, and lots of space to play and dance. Just like you go to school to learn about letters and numbers, Justice went to school, too. But he also went to a special place where he learned to dance.

Just Dance Moms

This place was like a magical castle, with dancers and music instead of knights and princesses. Every day, he would tie his shoes tight and step into this castle, ready to learn new moves that seemed like spells, making him glide, jump, and spin. Here, among the echoes of music and footsteps, Justice began to dream big dreams of dancing for the world, just like you might dream of becoming an astronaut or a superhero. Just like you learn new things every day at school, Justice learned to dance, and with each step, he danced closer to his big dreams.

parents and siblings

Justic has a mom named Tanya, who works with hair like a magician! She can make anyone’s hair look super cool because she owns a hair salon. Imagine being able to get your hair done in any style you want – that’s what Tanya does every day! Justic’s dad, Mark, is also part of the family’s adventure. We don’t know what he does, but we’re sure he’s just as excellent as Tanya. Justice might not have any brothers or sisters mentioned, so he could be the star of his family, just like you might be the star of a play or a game. Imagine having all the lights on you; that’s Justice in his family, sharing all the dance moves and making his mom and dad super proud!

Husband and Boyfriend

In our story about Justice, a dance hero from “Dance Moms,” we haven’t discussed a husband or boyfriend. Just like some of your favorite fairy tales or superhero stories where the adventure focuses on courage, dreams, and doing amazing things, Justic’s story is more about his dancing adventures. It’s like when you’re watching a movie about explorers or space adventurers; sometimes, it’s not about who they’re dating or married to but about the incredible journeys they go on and the challenges they overcome. So far, Justic’s tale is filled with dance moves, learning, and sharing joy with others, like how you might share your happiest moments with your best friends or family. So, we’re keeping the spotlight on Justic’s awesome dance moves and the happiness he spreads, just like a superhero with the power of dance!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Imagine if you had a friend who was just the right age to be your big buddy – that’s Justice! He’s 20 years old, making him a superhero big brother. When you look at Justice, you see someone who’s not too tall and not too short, just the perfect height for being a dancing star. He keeps himself in superhero shape for dancing, so he’s strong enough to jump high and move fast on the dance floor.

Just Dance Moms

His hair and eyes look full of stories, ready to tell you about all the adventures he’s been on with his dancing. Justic’s smile is like a bright light, making everyone around him happy. It’s like when you draw a picture of your best friend with the most significant, most satisfied smile. That’s how Justice looks, ready to dance his way into a new adventure.


Justice from Dance Moms is like a dancing superhero! Imagine putting on a cape and jumping into action—that’s Justice when he dances. He started dancing when he was just a little kid, almost your age, and now he’s a dancing star! Just like when you practice something a lot, like tying your shoes or riding a bike, and then you get good at it, Justice practiced dancing a lot.

He wasn’t born knowing how to make all those cool moves; he learned them by practicing repeatedly. Justice has danced on a big show called Dance Moms, where he showed his unique moves to the whole world. Think about offering your dance to your family or friends and everyone, everywhere! That’s what Justic does, making him a super special dancer. He works hard, learns new dances, and shares his talent with everyone, making them smile and maybe even dance a little.

Before fame

Before Justic became a dancing superstar and everyone knew his name, he was like any other kid who loved dancing around the living room. Imagine playing your favorite song and spinning, jumping, and wiggling without a care—that was Justice! He wasn’t always in the spotlight, performing fantastic dances for lots of people to see. Instead, he spent much time practicing his moves in front of the mirror at home, maybe even stumbling a bit or making funny faces when he tried a tricky new dance step.

Just like when learning to ride a bike, keep trying, even if you fall off a few times. That’s how Justice kept going, dancing because it made him happy and not because he was famous. He showed us that doing what you love, again and again, is the secret recipe to becoming good at it, just like he did with dancing!

Social Media Presence

Justice from Dance Moms is like a superhero on the internet, too! Imagine having a magic window to show your dance moves to people worldwide. That’s what Justice does with his social media! He uses apps like Instagram, where we share photos, and TikTok, where people share funny videos and cool dance moves.

Just Dance Moms

Just like sharing your favorite drawings or toys with friends, Justin shares his dancing and happy moments with everyone online. It’s like having a vast, worldwide circle of friends who all cheer for you! Even though we don’t know where to find him online, if you search for Justic from Dance Moms, you might see him smiling back at you from your screen, ready to show off his latest dance!

Net Worth and Achievements

Talking about Justic’s treasure chest and gold stars is like looking into a pirate’s treasure box filled with shiny things and proud moments. Even though we don’t have the exact number of gold coins Justice has, it’s a lot because of all his fantastic dancing. Imagine having a jar where you put a gold coin every time you did something extraordinary; that’s what Justic’s achievements are like!

He earns gold stars for moving his feet to the music and sharing his dancing magic with the world. While we might not know how big his treasure chest is, we do know that Justic has a lot of gold stars for being an incredible dancer and making people smile with his moves. Remember, it’s not just about the gold coins but also about the smiles and happiness he shares, which are priceless!

Legacy and Impact

Justice from Dance Moms is like a shining star in a big sky full of stars. Imagine if you drew a picture and everyone in your school loved it so much they started drawing, too. That’s like what Justice does with dancing. He dances with so much joy and passion that it makes others want to dance, too! Just like when you share your toys, and everyone has fun together.

Justic shows us that doing what you love and sharing it with others can make a big, happy difference in the world. He teaches us to follow our dreams, like a superhero who adventures to help people. And even though we haven’t talked about everything he’s done, Justice helps make the world a brighter place by being himself and sharing his love for dance.


  • Justic loves to dance! Imagine moving to music and feeling super happy.
  • Drawing is another fun hobby. Justice creates cool pictures with pencils and colors.
  • Justin enjoys playing outside, especially on sunny days. Think of running around and laughing a lot!
  • Watching movies is also a favorite. Picture sitting with popcorn and enjoying a great story.
  • Justic likes to read books, diving into adventures without leaving the room. Imagine being a superhero or exploring new worlds just by turning pages!

Favorite Thing

  •  Justic loves music that makes you want to move! Think of your happiest song that makes you jump and dance; that’s what he likes. 
  • Bright colors everywhere! Justice enjoys seeing colors that pop, like when you open a big box of crayons. 
  • Justic’s favorite snack might be something sweet and fun, like popping popcorn or a cool, colorful ice cream on a sunny day.
  • Playing games that make you think and laugh. Picture playing a silly game with friends where everyone ends up giggling.
  • Spending time with family and friends, sharing stories, and making new memories. Imagine sitting in a circle, telling the most adventurous tales from your day.

Interesting Facts About

  • Justic’s zodiac sign is Virgo, which means he’s thoughtful and pays attention to the little details, just like when you’re trying to color inside the lines without going over!
  • Even though he’s famous for dancing, Justice started just like anyone else by learning and practicing a lot. It’s like when you practice tying your shoes or writing your name.
  • Justic’s favorite place is on the dance floor, where he can express himself freely. Imagine your favorite playground where you feel happiest playing.
  • He loves to make people smile with his dance. Think about how you feel when you make a friend laugh; that’s how Justice feels when he dances.
  • Despite his busy schedule, Justin spends time with his family. It’s like when you have a family game or movie night, and everyone’s together having fun.
  • Justice has a big heart for dancing and helping others feel happy and inspired. Imagine sharing your favorite toy with someone to make them smile; that’s how Justice shares his dancing.


How old is Justice?

Justice is like a 20-year-old big brother or sister! Born in 2002, they celebrate their birthday every year on August 31st.

Where was Justice born?

Justic’s hometown is in Ohio, right here in the United States. So, they’re American, just like many of you!

What do Justic’s parents do?

Justic’s mom, Tanya, is super talented with hair and even owns a hair salon. Imagine all the fabulous hairstyles she can do! Justic’s dad, Mark, is also pretty awesome, but we don’t discuss what he does here.

Does Justice have any brothers or sisters?

We didn’t talk about any brothers or sisters, so it’s like Justice is an only child in our story. Remember, every question you ask helps you learn something new, just like how we learned some fun facts about Justice from Dance Moms today!

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