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Lissa Aires is a well-known adult movie actress, model, and actress from Florida, Miami. She was born on 19 February 1991 and is currently 33 years old (as of 2024). Since childhood, Lissa has been passionate about the entertainment industry, especially modeling and acting.

She is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 68 kg. Lissa was raised alongside her siblings in Miami, where she completed her education. As of 2024, Lissa’s net worth is estimated to be around $1-2 million USD. With her talent and dedication, there is no doubt that Lissa will continue to shine in the industry and achieve even more success in the years to come.

Who is Lissa Aires?

Lissa Aires is a lady famous for being in movies and taking pictures. She grew up in Miami, Florida, which is sunny and warm. She always loved being in front of the camera, pretending to be different characters, and showing off pretty outfits.

Even when she was very young, she knew she wanted to be someone people watched on screens or in photos. She worked hard to learn all about acting and modeling, which is when you pose for pictures. Lissa also attended Miami school and had fun growing up with her brothers and sisters. She’s not just about being in movies; Lissa also enjoys doing lots of fun activities that she shares with friends and fans.


Nick Name
Lissa Aires
Birth Place
Florida, Miami, US
Date Of Birth
19 February 1991
Age (as of 2024)
33 years
Actress and model

Early Life and Passion for Performance

From when she was very small, Lissa Aires loved the spotlight. Growing up in the sunny city of Miami, Florida, she was surrounded by the excitement and colors of the place. Even as a little girl, she found joy in pretending to be characters from her favorite stories, dancing around her room, and making her family laugh with her little shows. Lissa didn’t just play pretend; she put her whole heart into every performance, whether it was for her stuffed animals or her smiling family.

Lissa Aires

This passion for performance wasn’t just fun; it was the beginning of her dream to become an actress and model. Lissa’s early years were filled with creativity and imagination, setting her on the path to the bright lights of the entertainment world. She was determined to follow her dream, learning everything about acting and modeling. Every chance to be in front of an audience was a step closer to her future.

Parents and Siblings

Lissa Aires grew up with her family in a sunny place called Florida, Miami. She has brothers and sisters, but their names are a secret. Lissa loves her family very much. They all had fun together, playing games and sharing stories.

Her mom and dad helped her learn to follow her dreams. They watched her pretend to be in movies and cheered her on. Having a big family means there’s always someone to laugh with and support you, just like they did for Lissa. She learned a lot from them, like being kind and working hard.

Husband and Boyfriend

Lissa Aires keeps her heart matters private, just like some superheroes keep their true identities a secret. She doesn’t talk about whether she has a special someone like a boyfriend or a husband. Just like in stories that focus on adventure and fun,

Lissa’s story is more about her journey, the places she visits, and the fun activities she enjoys. So, while we might not know about her prince charming, we know she’s living a life full of excitement and happiness.


Lissa Aires keeps things about her personal life, like if she has any children, very private. It’s like a secret garden where only special people are allowed to know what’s inside. Like in fairy tales where adventures happen in hidden places,

Lissa’s story about this part of her life is tucked away, creating a little mystery. Whether she has little ones, she fills her life with joy, doing things she loves, like traveling and playing with her pet dog, Sparky. So, we may not know about her children, but we do know Lissa loves to make every day fun and exciting.

Lissa Aires Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Lissa Aires is a grown-up who is 33 years old. That’s like if you counted to 33 without stopping! She’s not super tall, but not short, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall. Imagine about as tall as your refrigerator at home! Lissa weighs about as much as 68 sugar bags – but don’t worry, they’re small, only one kilogram each!

Lissa Aires

Looking at her, you’ll see she has a big, bright smile that makes people happy. She takes good care of herself to run around and have fun like you. Remember how everyone looks different, which makes us all special? Lissa is special in her own way, with her unique look and happy smile.

Lissa Aires Before Fame

Before Lissa Aires became a star, she was a little girl with big dreams in sunny Florida. She loved playing dress-up and pretending to be in her favorite stories. Imagine having the biggest, most colorful box of crayons and drawing your dreams on paper.

That was like Lissa creating stories in her mind. She spent her days learning all she could about acting and modeling to share her colorful dreams. Every step she took was like drawing a bright path to where she is now.

Lissa Aires Career Highlights and Achievements

Lissa Aires is like a superstar in movies and pretty pictures. She worked super hard and became good at acting in films and standing in front of cameras for photos. Imagine being so good at playing dress-up that you become famous for it! That’s what happened with Lissa. She’s been in many movies, showing off her talent and making many people smile and cheer. People from all over like to watch her because she’s good at what she does.

She also wears awesome costumes and travels to cool places for her movie shoots. It’s like having a magical adventure where every day is new and exciting. Lissa has made many friends along the way and even won awards for being so amazing. It’s like when you win a gold star in class for doing something great. Every time she’s in a movie or a photo shoot, it’s like adding another shiny star to her collection!

The Net Worth of Lissa Aires

Imagine you have a big piggy bank, and every time you do something really good, like cleaning your room or helping out at home, you get a coin to put in it. Now, think of Lissa Aires as having a very big piggy bank because she’s worked super hard and done lots of great things in movies and taking pictures. Because of all her hard work, her piggy bank has gotten full! It’s so full that turning it into dollars would cost about $1-2 million.

That’s like if you had a million toy cars or dolls! She didn’t get all this at once; it took a lot of time, just like when you save up for a long time to buy something really special. Lissa’s big piggy bank helps her do fun stuff, like travel to new places and ensure her pet dog, Sparky, has everything he needs to be happy and healthy. Just like when you save up for something you want, Lissa saved and worked for her big piggy bank by being in movies and making people smile.

The Impact of Social Media on Her Career

Lissa Aires loves sharing her fun adventures and cool pictures online, using places on the internet like Instagram and Twitter. This helps more people find out who she is and see all the exciting things she does. Because she shares a lot, more people want to watch her movies and see her photos.

It’s like showing your friends a drawing you made, and they all say, “Wow, that’s so cool!” Then, they tell other friends, and suddenly, everyone thinks you’re great at drawing. That’s how Lissa’s fans grow, and it helps her become even more famous!

Lissa Aires Looking Towards the Future

As Lissa Aires keeps doing what she loves, like acting in movies and modeling for pictures, she has big plans for the future. Think of when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. Maybe you dream of being a superhero, a doctor, or even an astronaut! Like you, Lissa dreams about doing more of what makes her happy and sharing it with the world. She wants to be in even more movies and travel to places she’s never been to for her photoshoots.

Lissa Aires

Lissa also thinks about learning new things, like playing a musical instrument or trying a new dance. Just imagine, one day, she could be dancing in a movie or taking pictures in a far-off, beautiful place! The future is like a big, exciting book with many pages left to write, and Lissa Aires is ready with her pen.

Lissa Aires Legacy and Impact

In her special movie, Lissa Aires is like a superhero, making a big splash in the world by being herself and sharing her talents. She shows everyone that if you work hard and keep smiling, you can make your dreams come true, just like in fairy tales. By being in movies and taking wonderful pictures, Lissa helps light up the world with joy and encourages others to chase their dreams, too.

She’s like a bright star in the night sky, inspiring people to be brave and follow their hearts. Lissa’s story teaches us to always keep dreaming and believe in the magic of our stories. She’s making a beautiful path that others can follow, showing that it’s cool to be kind and to share your sparkle with the world.


Loves to Travel: Lissa Aires enjoys exploring new places. She likes to see different parts of the world, learn about other cultures, and try new foods.

Dancing: Dancing is one of her favorite ways to have fun. She loves moving to the music and feeling free.

Watching Movies: On days when she wants to relax, Lissa watches movies. She enjoys all kinds of films, from funny cartoons to exciting adventures.

Listening to Music: Music is important to her. Lissa listens to many types of music, and it makes her happy.

Playing with Pets: She has a soft spot for animals. Playing and spending time with pets is something she finds very joyful.

Reading Books: Reading books is another hobby. She likes stories that take her on adventures in her imagination.

Photography: Taking pictures allows Lissa to capture memories. She likes photographing beautiful places she visits and fun moments with friends.

Interesting Facts About Lissa AiresĀ 

Birthday Party Theme: Lissa Aires has a fun theme for her birthday party every year. She loves dressing up and seeing her friends in costumes, too!

Favorite Color: Her favorite color is pink. She thinks it’s bright and happy, just like sunshine.

Pets: Lissa has a cute dog named Sparky. They go on walks and play fetch in the park.

Superhero Fan: She loves superhero movies! Wonder Woman is her favorite because she’s strong and kind.

Ice Cream Lover: Lissa’s favorite treat is ice cream. She likes trying new flavors, but chocolate is the best.

Beach Days: Living in Florida, Lissa enjoys going to the beach. She builds sandcastles and collects pretty shells.

Artistic: Besides acting, Lissa loves to draw and paint. She makes colorful pictures of flowers and animals.


How old is Lissa Aires?

She is 33 years old as of 2024.

How tall is she?

Lissa is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What does Lissa like to do for fun?

She loves to travel, dance, watch movies, listen to music, play with pets, read books, and take photos.

What is Lissa Aires’ favorite color?

Her favorite color is pink.

Does Lissa have any pets?

Yes, she has a cute dog named Sparky.

What kind of movies does she like?

Lissa loves superhero movies, especially Wonder Woman.

What is Lissa’s favorite treat?

She loves eating ice cream; chocolate is her favorite flavor.


In wrapping up, Lissa Aires is a truly interesting person with fun hobbies and cool facts. She loves travel, dancing, and movies, and she shares a special bond with her cute dog, Sparky. Her favorite color is pink, which she thinks is as bright and happy as sunshine.

Lissa has shown us that following your dreams and doing what you love is very important. Whether it’s through her career or the simple joys in life, like eating her favorite chocolate ice cream, she finds happiness. Just like Lissa, finding joy in the little things and being kind to animals and people around us can make a big difference in our lives. Let’s keep smiling and exploring the world, just like she does!

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