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Darby Rudd

Darby Rudd, the 14-year-old daughter of famous actor Paul Rudd. Born in 2010 in New York, Darby is an American with Ashkenazi Jewish and English roots from her dad’s side. She may only be 4 feet 7 inches tall and weigh 28kg, but she’s living a life of luxury thanks to her father’s successful career in Hollywood.

Paul Rudd’s estimated net worth of $70 million confirms that he’s one of the highest-earning actors in the world, making Darby one lucky kid! So, let’s dive into Darby’s world and learn more about her net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki.

Who is Darby Rudd?

Darby Rudd is a young girl whose dad is famous! Imagine having a dad that lots of people know from movies. That’s her life! Darby has a big, fun world that includes learning from books and playing many games. She was born in a place full of significant buildings and bright lights – New York! Darby has a mix of Ashkenazi Jewish and English in her family, which means she learns extraordinary stories from different parts of the world.

She’s not tall yet, only 4 feet 7 inches, but she has a big personality. Darby has hobbies like drawing and swimming that keep her busy. She also loves animals and spending time with her family. Imagine playing with pets, swimming on sunny days, and having movie nights! That’s a bit of what it’s like to be Darby.


Full name
Darby Rudd
Date of birth
14 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac sign
Place of birth
New York City, United States of America
Current residence
Rhinebeck, New York

Darby Rudd’s Early Life and Education

Darby Rudd has had a pretty exciting start to life, being born in the big, busy city of New York. Growing up in such a vibrant place means there’s always something new to see or do. Regarding school, Darby is just like any other kid her age. She attends school, learns about excellent subjects, and plays with her friends during recess.

Darby Rudd

School is where Darby gets to explore all kinds of exciting things, from reading and math to science experiments that make her wonder how the world works. Plus, she gets to draw and be creative in art class, which she enjoys. Being in school also means she gets to celebrate special days like the 100th day of school and participate in fun school projects. Darby’s education is just starting, but she’s already learning a lot about the world and how to be a good friend to those around her.

Parents and Siblings

Darby’s dad is Paul Rudd, a famous actor who makes many people laugh in his movies. Her mom, Julie Yaeger, works behind the scenes in Hollywood, helping make movies, too. Darby has a brother named Jack, who is her buddy and playmate.

Together, they have fun, share stories, and enjoy movie nights with their parents. Darby’s family is full of love and laughter, making her home happy. They support each other and make every day an adventure.

Favourite Foods

Like you, Darby Rudd enjoys munching on her favorite snacks and meals! Though we don’t know all her top food picks, imagine her enjoying slices of cheesy pizza, crunchy apples, or even scoops of cold, sweet ice cream on a sunny day.

Picture her at a family dinner, trying different foods from around the world, smiling and chatting with her family. Darby’s meals are full of yummy things that make her happy and energize her for all her fun activities and adventures!

Favourite Games

Darby Rudd loves to play all kinds of fun games. Imagine running around playing tag where you try not to get tagged by “it.” She enjoys hide-and-seek, too, where she finds the best hiding spots so her friends can’t see her. Darby also likes board games that make her think and laugh with her family.

On sunny days, she might play soccer or have races in the park. Video games are also fun for her, especially ones with exciting adventures and puzzles to solve. Every game is an adventure for Darby, filled with smiles and giggles.


Darby Rudd enjoys spending time with her friends and playing fun games like tag and hide-and-seek. They often laugh and run around together, creating happy memories. Whether playing board games on a rainy day or having races in the park when the sun is shining, her friends are always there to join in the fun.

They like to share stories and dream up exciting adventures, proving that having good friends makes every day unique. Darby’s friends are essential to her life, always ready for the next playful adventure or cozy movie night.

Darby Rudd Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Darby Rudd is a young girl, 14 years old, with a sparkling personality that shines just as bright as her smile. Standing tall at 4 feet 7 inches, she’s the perfect height for fun adventures and exploring. Weighing 28kg, Darby is as light as a feather, making it easy for her to dance around and play all day.

With her hair flowing and eyes that light up with excitement, she carries the look of curiosity and joy. Darby’s appearance reflects her lively spirit and love for life. Whether reading a book, playing outside, or spending time with her family and friends, she’s always ready for the next adventure. Her style is as fun and vibrant as her personality, with colorful outfits that match her cheerful disposition.

Darby Rudd Before Fame

Before Darby became known as the daughter of a famous actor, she was just a regular kid growing up in New York. She had fun playing, learning new things, and spending time with her family. Even though her dad is famous, Darby enjoys simple things that make all kids happy.

She loved to draw, read books, and play games with her brother. Her life was full of laughter, play, and lots of love. Like any other kid, Darby’s days were filled with small adventures and discovering the world around her.

Darby Rudd Career

Darby Rudd is still a student and doesn’t have a job like adults do. Instead of going to work, she goes to school, where she learns many new things daily. You know, like how you learn about numbers, letters, and all the fantastic stuff in science and history at your school.

Darby spends her time playing, studying, and enjoying hobbies that make her happy. At the same time, she hasn’t started a career yet because she’s still young; who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day, she’ll become famous like her dad or choose a different path she loves. For now, her “job” is to be the best student and friend she can be, exploring the world and having daily fun.

Darby Rudd Net Worth and Achievement

Talking about money might seem tedious, but when it comes to Darby Rudd, it’s like talking about a treasure chest because of her dad, Paul Rudd! While Darby is still a student and doesn’t earn money as a grown-up, her dad’s hard work in movies means she lives in a world filled with amazing things. Imagine a chest filled with gold coins; that’s what it’s like! Paul Rudd, her dad, has made a lot of money from acting – about $70 million!

Darby Rudd

Now, Darby doesn’t have a job yet because she’s still learning and playing, so she doesn’t have her “net worth.” But she’s achieved a lot by being happy, exploring, learning, and having daily fun. Achievements for someone her age are about making good memories, learning new things, and being a great friend and family member.

Darby Rudd Legacy and Impact

Darby Rudd might still be very young, but she’s already making a little mark on the world by being herself. Even though she hasn’t started any big projects or become famous like her dad, Paul Rudd, Darby is learning and growing daily. By enjoying simple things like playing outside, reading books, and spending time with her family and friends, Darby shows us all that happiness comes from the little moments in life.

Her love for animals and kindness to the people around her are small but essential ways she impacts the world. Just like planting a seed can grow into a big tree, Darby’s actions could lead to more significant impacts as she grows up. Everyone, no matter how small, can make a big difference in their way.

Future Prospects for Darby Rudd

As Darby Rudd grows up, she has a world of possibilities waiting for her! She’s a student, learning new things every day and enjoying her hobbies. One day, she might decide to follow in her dad’s footsteps and become an actor or choose a different path. Maybe she’ll become a writer, sharing stories from her imagination, or a scientist, discovering cool stuff about the world.

Darby could even help animals or become an artist. The most exciting part? She gets to decide! Whatever Darby chooses to do, we know she’ll do something great. She’s already shown how curious, kind, and creative she is. The future is like a big, unwritten book for Darby, full of adventures waiting to happen!


  • Playing Outdoors: Darby loves to play outside. She enjoys games like tag and hide-and-seek with her friends. The fresh air and running around make her happy.
  • Reading Books: Even at a young age, Darby has found joy in reading. She loves stories that take her on adventures to magical lands.
  • Drawing and Coloring: With crayons and markers in hand, Darby creates colorful pictures. She likes to draw animals, flowers, and scenes from her favorite books.
  • Watching Movies: Darby enjoys movie time like any kid. Animated movies are her favorite, especially ones with funny characters.
  • Playing with Pets: If Darby is not playing outside, she might be found playing with her pets. She loves animals and enjoys spending time with them.
  • Swimming: On hot days, Darby cools off by swimming. She loves to splash and play in the water, whether it’s a pool or the beach. These activities keep Darby busy and happy. She loves trying new things and being active.

Interesting Facts About Darby Rudd 

  • Darby’s Dad is Famous: Her dad is a well-known actor. People around the world watch his movies.
  • New York Born: She was born in a big city called New York. It’s hectic and full of lights. 
  • Loves Animals: Darby enjoys learning about different animals besides playing with her pets. 
  • Heritage: Darby has roots in Ashkenazi Jewish and English. It’s like having stories from two parts of the world in her family.
  • Family Time is Fun: She loves spending time with her family, watching movies or playing games. 
  • Learning New Things: Darby likes to read and explore. Every book is a new adventure for her.
  • Celebrating Birthdays: Darby looks forward to her birthday each year. It’s a special day with cakes, gifts, and fun.
  • Being Active: Darby doesn’t sit still for long. She’s always up and moving, playing outdoors or swimming.


Who is Darby Rudd

Darby Rudd is a young girl who has a famous dad. She enjoys doing fun things like playing outside and reading books.

How old is Darby?

Darby is 14 years old. Every year, she has a birthday party with cakes and gifts!

Where was Darby born?

She was born in a big, busy city called New York. It has lots of lights and tall buildings.

Does Darby have any hobbies?

Yes! Darby loves playing in the park, reading stories about magical places, drawing colorful pictures, watching funny movies, playing with her pets, and swimming on hot days.

What does Darby like to eat?

This part hasn’t been shared yet, but like many kids, she probably enjoys yummy treats and maybe even has some favorite foods.

Who are Darby’s friends?

Darby enjoys playing games like tag and hide-and-seek with her friends. She likes making new friends and having fun together. Remember, Darby has a big imagination and loves exploring new things like you might!


In wrapping up, we’ve learned a lot about Darby Rudd, a young girl with a big heart and a love for adventure. From playing in the great outdoors to diving into the pages of magical books, Darby shows us how fun it can be to explore the world around us.

She reminds us that being active, spending time with family, and caring for pets can fill our days with joy. Even though Darby’s dad is famous, she enjoys simple pleasures like any other kid. Her story encourages us to discover our interests and to cherish the moments we spend with our loved ones. So, let’s take a leaf out of Darby’s book and make the most of every day, filling it with fun, learning, and laughter.

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