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Russell Franke

Russell Franke is a 12-year-old boy from Utah, USA. He was born on July 9th, 2011 and is an American citizen. As a Cancer, he is known for being kind, loyal, and imaginative. Russell is the second-youngest member of his family, which includes his siblings Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, and Eve.

His parents, Kevin and Ruby Franke, are estimated to have a net worth of $8 million. As he grows, Russell’s body measurements will change, but as of now, he stands at 4 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 30 kilograms. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things Russell will accomplish in the future!

Who is Russell Franke?

Russell Franke is a 12-year-old boy who loves having fun and exploring. He lives in Utah with his big family. Russell has five brothers and sisters, making his house full of laughter and games. He enjoys being outside, whether playing in the park, riding his bike, or going on adventures.

Russell also likes to play video games, draw colourful pictures, and read exciting books. With his family, he shares lots of smiles during movie nights. Russell is special because he shows us how awesome it is to learn and try new things daily. He finds joy in the simple things, like collecting rocks and stickers. Russell is a friend to everyone, always ready to share a story or lend a hand.


Full Name:
Russell Franke
Born Date:
09 Jul, 2011
12 years old as of 2024

A Brief Overview of Russell Franke’s Early Life

Russell was born on a sunny day in July in Utah. He has always been a happy kid who loves to smile. Russell grew up in a big family with five brothers and sisters. They all love playing games and having fun together.

Even when he was little, Russell liked being outside and exploring. He would play with bugs, look at flowers, and run around in the yard. Russell also started drawing and colouring when he was very young. He has always enjoyed making pictures for his family. Every day with Russell is an adventure full of laughter and joy.

Parents and Siblings

Russell has a mom named Ruby and a dad named Kevin. They love him very much and help him with his adventures. He also has five siblings: Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, and Eve. They are a big, happy family that plays and laughs together. Russell enjoys spending time with them, whether they’re having fun outside or sharing stories inside. They all care for each other and make every day special.

Russell Franke

Favourite Foods

Russell loves to eat yummy foods, just like many kids do! One of his all-time favourites is pizza. Imagine the cheesy, gooey slices that make everyone’s mouth water. He also enjoys munching on crunchy tacos filled with lots of tasty goodies. For snacks, Russell can’t get enough fresh fruits like apples and bananas, which are delicious and healthy!

When it comes to treats, he has a sweet spot for chocolate chip cookies, the kind that are soft and full of chocolate chunks. And on hot summer days, nothing beats cooling off with a scoop or two of his favourite ice cream flavours. Eating these foods brings Russell joy and energy for all his adventures and fun activities.

Favourite Games

Russell loves to play many games, but he has a few that are super fun. He enjoys playing video games that take him on big adventures or let him build his worlds. Sometimes, he plays board games with his family, laughing and planning his next move to win.

Outside, he plays tag and hide-and-seek with his friends, running around until they’re all out of breath. Each game, whether on a screen or in his backyard, brings a big smile to Russell’s face and makes every day an exciting adventure.


Russell has lots of friends with whom he loves to spend time. They play many fun games, like tag, hide-and-seek, and board games. Russell and his friends enjoy being outside, running around, and exploring new places. They also like to have movie nights, where they pick a cool movie to watch and share yummy snacks.

When it’s sunny, they ride bikes around the neighbourhood, having races and laughing. Russell is a kind friend who always helps and shares with others. His friends think he’s great because he’s always ready for an adventure and makes every day fun. They all have a good time, whether playing video games or looking for cool rocks to add to Russell’s collection.

Russell Franke Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Russell is 12 years old, which means he’s not too little or too big but just right for all sorts of fun adventures. He’s as tall as four apples stacked on each other, measuring up to 4 feet 4 inches. When he steps on a scale, it shows he weighs about the same as 30 one-litre water bottles, which is around 30 Kilos.

Russell Franke

Picture Russell with a big smile, running around and playing. He has bright eyes that light up when he laughs and hair that might get messy from playing outside. Russell is growing fast; who knows how tall he’ll be next year! Like a superhero in training, his look is always ready for the next big adventure.

Russell Franke Before Fame

Long before Russell Franke became known to people outside his family, he was just a regular kid living in Utah. He spent his days like most kids do, playing with his brothers and sisters and making up fun games. Russell has always been curious, asking questions and wanting to learn about everything around him.

From childhood, he loved being outdoors, exploring the backyard, and visiting parks with his family. Drawing was another thing Russell enjoyed. He would scribble and doodle, creating colourful pictures from his imagination. Even before many people knew his name, Russell was busy being a kid, enjoying simple things and sharing smiles with everyone around him.

Russell Franke Career

Russell Franke is still very young and doesn’t have a job like an adult. But, being part of a family that shares their life online means Russell is like a young star on social media. His family’s activities, fun times, and adventures get shared with people all over the world, and Russell is a big part of that.

He might not go to an office or have meetings, but by being himself and having fun, he helps create stories that make others smile and laugh. Even though we can’t call this a career just yet, Russell is already learning to share the joy and bring people together by being part of his family’s online world. This is a pretty cool way to start learning about the world of work.

The Franke Family’s Net Worth and Its Impact

The Franke family is quite rich, with money adding up to $8 million. That’s a lot, like if you stacked many toy blocks high! This money helps them do lots of cool stuff. They can go on fun trips, try new things, and even help others by giving to those who need it.

This money also means Russell and his family can share their fun times with people worldwide through videos and pictures. They show others how to have fun together as a family and make everyone laugh and smile. They use their money to spread happiness, which is pretty awesome. Money isn’t everything, but the Franke family shows us how it can be used to make good things happen.

Russell Franke in the Public Eye – Growing Up on Social Media

Russell Franke is a little star because his family shares their fun adventures online. Imagine playing games, going on trips, or just having fun with lots of people watching and enjoying it! That’s what happens with Russell.

He shows the world how he grows, learns, and plays. It’s like having friends all over the globe who cheer for you and smile when they see you having a good time. Russell’s life is a bit like a fun storybook that everyone gets to read as he writes each page with his adventures.

Russell FrankeLegacy and Impact

Russell Franke is still young but already making a big impact. By being part of his family’s adventures online, Russell helps spread joy and laughter. Kids and families all over the world watch and learn from him. They see how fun and important family is.

Russell Franke

Russell shows us it’s cool to try new things and always to have a smile. Even though he’s just a kid, he’s teaching us to be happy, kind, and curious about the world. That’s a special thing to do when you’re 12!

Russell FrankeFuture Plains

Russell has big dreams for the future! He wants to keep having fun, learning new things, and going on exciting adventures with his family and friends. Russell might try new hobbies, like learning to play a musical instrument or maybe even starting to collect something new, like comic books or action figures.

He’s also looking forward to making more friends at school and joining a club or a sports team. Russell is excited to see where his curiosity will take him next, whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or diving into more books about far-off lands and magical creatures. The future is like a big, open book for Russell, and he can’t wait to turn the page to the next adventure!


Playing Outdoors: Russell loves spending time outside. He enjoys running around in the park, playing games with his friends, and exploring nature.

Video Games: Russell enjoys playing video games like many kids. He plays a few favourite games on weekends or after finishing his homework.

Drawing and Coloring: Russell has a creative side, too! He likes to draw and colour pictures. Sometimes, he even shares his artwork with his family and friends.

Reading Books: Russell enjoys reading books, especially stories about adventures and magical worlds. He often visits the library to pick new books to read.

Riding His Bike: One of Russell’s favourite things is riding his bike around the neighbourhood. It’s a fun way for him to explore and get some exercise.

Watching Movies: Russell loves watching films with his family on movie nights. They make popcorn and pick a movie everyone will enjoy.

Collecting: Russell has started a small collection of interesting rocks and stickers. He’s always on the lookout for new additions. These hobbies keep Russell busy and happy. He loves trying new activities and learning new things.

Interesting Facts About Russell Franke

Birthday Buddy: Russell shares his birthday month with lots of famous people! July is a special month for him.

Zodiac Sign: Being a Cancer means Russell is caring and likes to be with his family.

Big Family: Russell has five siblings! Imagine how fun and busy his house is.

Loves Nature: Russell enjoys playing outside. Trees, bugs, and animals are all fascinating to him.

Creative Kid: He likes drawing and making things. You can find him with crayons and paper a lot.

Game Lover: Video games are super cool to Russell. He has favourites he plays often.

Bookworm: Russell loves reading. Books about adventures take him to magical places in his mind.

Collector: He collects rocks and stickers. Each one is special to him.

Movie Nights: Watching movies with family is something Russell looks forward to. It’s a time for popcorn and laughs.

Bike Rides: Riding his bike is not just fun; it’s an adventure around every corner for Russell.


What does Russell Franke like to do?

Russell enjoys playing outside, drawing, and playing video games. He also loves reading books and riding his bike.

How old is Russell Franke?

Russell is 12 years old.

Where does Russell live?

Russell lives in Utah, United States. 

Does Russell have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Russell has five siblings. He has a big family!

What are Russell’s favourite games?

Russell loves video games. He has a few favourites that he plays a lot.

Is Russell Franke famous?

Russell is known because his family shares their life on social media.

What does Russell collect?

Russell collects rocks and stickers. Each one is very special to him.

Who are Russell’s parents?

Russell’s parents are Kevin and Ruby Franke. They are part of the reason why Russell is known.


In this story about Russell Franke, we learned a lot! Russell is a young boy who loves being outside and playing games. He also enjoys drawing, reading, and having fun with his family. Russell’s family is big, and they greatly care for each other. He has lots of hobbies that keep him busy and happy.

Being 12 years old means Russell has many adventures ahead of him. Even though he is known because his family shares their life online, Russell is like any other kid who loves to play and learn new things. Remember, like Russell does, it’s important to be kind and have fun. And who knows? You and Russell may like some of the same games or books. Keep smiling and exploring, just like Russell Franke!

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