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Amanda Rabbit

Amanda Rabbit is a popular Colombian actress and model who has captured the hearts of many with her stunning looks and incredible talent. She was born on January 10, 1994, in Colombia and is currently 30 years old as of 2024. With her charming personality and impressive skills, Amanda has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

She has gained a large following on social media, with fans admiring her beauty and charisma. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing around 60 kilograms, Amanda has a lovely figure with measurements of 34D-24-34. Her beautiful brown eyes and black hair only add to her allure. As of 2024, Amanda Rabbit has a net worth of approximately $166k US dollars.

Who is Amanda Rabbit?

Amanda Rabbit is a very talented lady who acts in movies and models for pictures. She was born in a beautiful place called Colombia. Imagine being in movies and getting your picture taken for magazines! That’s what Amanda does. She has lots of friends online who like to see her photos and watch her in movies.

Amanda is just a bit taller than your dad might be, and she has pretty brown eyes and black hair. People all around the world think Amanda is great because she can do many things, like acting and modeling. She also likes to have fun and do hobbies just like you!


Amanda Rabbit
Actress and Model
Date of Birth
10 January 1994
30 Years

Real Name

Amanda Rabbit’s real name is a secret that only her closest friends know! It’s like having a superhero name that nobody else can guess. When she acts in movies or models for pictures, she uses “Amanda Rabbit” so everyone can easily remember her.

Amanda Rabbit

But at home, her family might call her something different, something special just for them. It’s fun to have a name that feels like a secret code, isn’t it? Just like you might have a nickname that only your family uses, Amanda has her own special name too.

Early Life and Education

When Amanda Rabbit was a little girl, just like you, she lived in Colombia, a beautiful country with lots of mountains and beaches. She went to a school nearby where she learned to read, write, and make lots of friends. Amanda loved playing pretend and acting out stories, even when she was very young.

She enjoyed drawing and painting in art class the most because it let her imagination fly. Just imagine, every day she got to learn something new and fun! That’s how Amanda started loving to perform and show everyone her amazing talents.

Parents and Siblings

Amanda Rabbit grew up with a loving family in Colombia. She has a mommy and a daddy who always supported her dreams of acting and modeling. Amanda might also have brothers or sisters who played with her, made her laugh, and shared fun times together.

Just imagine having siblings to play hide and seek or to pretend you’re in a movie! Amanda’s family sounds like they were very special, helping her become the amazing person she is today. They must be very proud of all the things Amanda has done!


Amanda Rabbit keeps her heart matters like a treasure chest, hidden and safe. So, about having a husband, she hasn’t shared this piece of her life puzzle with us. Just like in fairy tales, where the princess might keep a secret, Amanda has her own stories that are private.

Maybe she has a prince charming, maybe not, but it’s a secret garden she hasn’t invited us into yet. Just like how you might have a secret best friend in school, Amanda keeps some things just to herself and close friends.


Amanda Rabbit is a bit like a storybook character when it comes to talking about her children. She keeps this part of her life tucked away like a hidden treasure. Just like in your favorite fairy tales, some stories are private and meant just for certain ears.

We don’t know if Amanda has any little ones running around, playing dress-up, or pretending to be superheroes. It’s a piece of her world that’s kept secret, like a hidden chapter in a book. So, we get to imagine and respect her privacy, just like we enjoy the mysteries in stories.

Amanda Rabbit Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Amanda Rabbit stands tall like a queen in her castle, as high as five stacks of big storybooks! She weighs as much as sixty small bags of sugar, perfect for making lots of yummy cookies. Imagine wrapping a measuring tape around the middle of a pumpkin – that’s how you measure somebody’s figure, and Amanda’s is just right for all her roles in movies and photoshoots.

Her height and weight help her dance like a fairy and look stunning in all her dresses. Just like a superhero, her figure helps her do all the amazing things she does!

Amanda Rabbit Before Fame

Before Amanda Rabbit became a star, she was just like you! Imagine playing with your friends, going to school, and dreaming about what you want to be when you grow up. That was Amanda’s life too. She loved to play make-believe games, act out stories, and dress up in fun costumes.

Even back then, she knew she loved to perform and make people smile. Every day was an adventure, exploring her talents and imagining herself in big, exciting roles. Just like how you might dream of being a superhero or a famous explorer, Amanda was dreaming big too!

Career Social Media Influence and Fan Base

Amanda Rabbit is super cool on the internet too! She shares pictures and stories from her acting and modeling, and guess what? Thousands of people, like a huge school full of kids, watch and like her stuff! She uses her phone to post fun videos, like when she’s pretending to be different characters or showing a dance move.

It’s like having a magic mirror that shows her to the whole world. Lots of people press the heart button on her posts because they think she’s awesome. Amanda’s fans are like a big, happy family who cheer for her every day!

Amanda Rabbit Net Worth and Earnings

Amanda Rabbit has a treasure chest, but instead of gold and jewels, it’s filled with money she earned from acting and modeling. Picture a big piggy bank; that’s kind of like her net worth. Amanda has saved up about $166,000 US dollars.

It’s as if she saved a dollar every day for lots and lots of days, more than you could count on your fingers and toes! She gets this money by being in movies, taking beautiful photos, and sometimes even appearing on TV. She works hard and has fun doing what she loves, which helps her piggy bank grow bigger and bigger!

Amanda Rabbit Famous Reason

Amanda Rabbit became famous because she acts in movies and models for pictures. People from all over the world watch her on TV and see her in magazines, which makes them really happy. She has a way of making every movie and photo special, like she’s telling a story that only she can tell.

Her ability to become any character she plays and look amazing in all her photos is why so many people love her. Just imagine being able to pretend to be anyone you want; that’s what Amanda does, and it’s pretty magical!

Amanda Rabbit Nationality And Religion

Amanda Rabbit comes from a colorful and warm place called Colombia, which is a country full of mountains, beaches, and lots of stories. This means she is Colombian, a word that tells us where she is from, like when you say you’re from your hometown.

In Colombia, people speak Spanish, dance to beautiful music, and enjoy big family gatherings. As for what she believes in, like many people have different stories about the stars and the moon, Amanda might have her own beliefs. Everyone believes in different things, and that’s okay because it’s what makes us special in our own way.

Amanda Rabbit Legacy and Impact

Amanda Rabbit has made a big splash in movies and on the internet, kind of like when you jump into a pool and the water goes everywhere! She shows girls and boys everywhere that it’s okay to dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true.

By being herself and sharing her talents, Amanda helps everyone believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up. She’s like a superhero in real life, teaching us to be brave, kind, and to always chase after our dreams. That’s a pretty awesome way to make the world a better place, don’t you think?

Amanda Rabbit Future Plains

Amanda Rabbit has big dreams for the future! She wants to be in more movies, maybe even ones where she’s a superhero saving the day. Amanda also dreams about traveling to new, exciting places where she can meet fans and learn about different cultures.

She hopes to write a book one day, telling stories about her adventures. Imagine a book filled with tales of far-off lands and thrilling movie sets! That’s what Amanda dreams about, sharing her stories and smiles with even more people around the world.


  • Amanda Rabbit loves to paint. She uses bright colors to make pictures of flowers and animals.
  • She enjoys reading storybooks, especially fairy tales and adventures where she can imagine being a hero.
  • Amanda likes to dance. She learns new dances and practices them in her room.
  • She also loves to sing. Sometimes, she makes up her own songs.
  • Cooking is fun for Amanda. She tries to make yummy treats like cookies and cakes.
  • Going for walks in the park is one of her favorite things to do. She loves to see the trees and play with her dog.
  • Amanda collects stickers. She has a big book where she sticks all kinds of stickers she finds.

Interesting Facts About Amanda Rabbit

  • Amanda Rabbit has a pet dog that she loves to play with in the park.
  • She can speak two languages. Imagine being able to talk in a completely different way with just your friends or family!
  • Amanda has traveled to many countries for her acting and modeling. She’s seen so many cool places!
  • She once appeared in a music video. Imagine seeing yourself on TV with music!
  • Amanda loves to celebrate her birthday with a big cake and lots of balloons.
  • She has a special talent for making people laugh. She could probably make you giggle without even trying!
  • Amanda has a favorite superhero. She sometimes dresses up like her for fun.
  • She learned to ride a bike when she was just like you – young and adventurous.
  • Amanda enjoys watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Maybe she watches some of your favorites too!
  • Even though she is famous, Amanda loves doing simple things like flying kites on a windy day.


Ok, little friends, it’s time for some questions you might have about Amanda Rabbit, and I’ve got some answers!

How old is Amanda Rabbit?

Amanda is 30 years old, just like how some of your teachers might be!

What does Amanda Rabbit like to do?

She loves painting, dancing, singing, and even cooking! She also enjoys reading stories about heroes and adventures.

Does Amanda Rabbit have any pets?

Yes! She has a playful dog that she loves taking to the park.

What languages can Amanda Rabbit speak?

Amanda can speak two languages, which is super cool because it’s like knowing a secret code.

Has Amanda Rabbit been to other countries?

Oh, yes! She’s traveled to many places around the world for her acting and modeling.

What does Amanda Rabbit like to do for fun?

She loves painting, reading, dancing, singing, cooking, and walking in the park. She also collects stickers for her big sticker book!

What’s Amanda’s favorite thing to eat on her birthday?

Amanda loves celebrating her birthday with a big, yummy cake and lots of colorful balloons.

Can Amanda Rabbit ride a bike?

Yes, she learned to ride a bike when she was young, just like you might be learning now!

Remember, kids, it’s fun to learn about others, and Amanda Rabbit sure has some fun stories and hobbies!Do you have questions about Amanda Rabbit? Lots of kids do! Let’s find out some fun things together.


So, we’ve learned a lot about Amanda Rabbit today! She’s not just a famous actress and model, but also a person full of fun hobbies and talents, just like you and your friends. Amanda shows us that no matter how famous you are, enjoying simple things like playing with your pet, painting, or even baking cookies makes life special.

Remember, everyone has unique gifts and interests, and it’s cool to share them with the world, just like Amanda does. Keep exploring, learning new things, and maybe one day, you’ll inspire others too! Thanks for reading about Amanda Rabbit with us.

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