Amilia Onyx Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Amilia Onyx

Amilia Onyx is a talented American actress and model who has captured the hearts of many with her beautiful looks, cute smile, and fantastic personality. Her striking white skin tone radiates elegance and grace in every role she takes on.

Amilia’s career began at a young age, and she has since starred in several popular movies and TV shows, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Amelia remains close to her family despite her busy schedule and often shares photos and moments with them on her social media. 

Who is Amilia Onyx?

Amilia Onyx is a special lady who wears many hats. She is an actress and a model. This means she acts in movies and TV shows and walks on runways in pretty clothes. She was born and grew up in the United States, just like many of you! With her lovely white skin, cute smile, and relaxed style, she is loved by many people. Amilia is also known for her fantastic personality.


Full Name
Amilia Onyx
Date of Birth
16 March 1999
Age (as in 2024)
24 years
Height (approx.)
5 eet 7 inches
Body Measurements (approx.)
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth
$5 Million dollars(approx.)
Debut Industry


She is kind, caring, and very creative. Besides acting and modeling, she loves to read books, cook yummy food, paint beautiful pictures, and play with her pet dog, Fuzzy. Amilia is a hard worker who loves her job and enjoys every moment. She is an excellent example of someone who works hard to achieve her dreams. And guess what? You can do it too! Just like Amilia, always believe in yourself and never stop trying.

Early Life and Education

Amilia Onyx was once a little girl, just like many of you! She was born in the United States and grew up with her loving family. Even as a little girl, Amilia was very creative and loved to try new things. What was her favorite subject in school? It was drama! Yes, she loved to act in school plays. This is where she first learned about acting. She enjoyed being different characters and telling their stories.

The school was also where Amilia learned to read and write. She loved reading books. Each book took her to a new world filled with exciting adventures. Just like you go to school every day to learn new things, Amilia also went to school and learned many important things. So, remember, kids, school is essential, not just for reading and math, but also for discovering what you love to do, just like Amilia did!

parents and siblings

Amilia Onyx is very private about her family, so we don’t know much about her parents or if she has any brothers or sisters. We do know that her family is very supportive of her acting and modeling career. They cheer her on and are always there to help her.

Even her pet dog, Fuzzy, is part of her family! Just like your family loves and supports you, Amilia’s family does the same for her. It’s essential to have a loving family. Even though we don’t know their names or what they look like, Amilia’s family is very special to her.

Husband and Boyfriend

As of 2024, Amilia Onyx is a well-known actress and model. She’s focused on her career and works hard to entertain us all. Right now, she is not married and does not have a husband. She also has yet to share any information about having a boyfriend.

Instead, she spends her time working, caring for her pet dog, Fuzzy, and enjoying hobbies like reading, cooking, and painting. Just like when you have your favorite toys or games to play with, Amilia also has things she loves doing. Remember, it’s okay not to be in a relationship. Everyone, including Amilia, has their path to walk, and that’s just fine. The most important thing is to be happy and enjoy what you do!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Amilia Onyx is extraordinary, not just because she’s an actress and a model but also because of how she looks. In 2024, she is __ years old, which is just a number,  What’s more important is that she keeps herself healthy and strong. She works out, eats good food, and gets enough rest. This helps her stay fit and look her best. As for her height, Amilia is quite tall.

This is great for her role as a model because models often need to be elevated to look good in all kinds of outfits. Now, let’s talk about how she looks. She has lovely white skin and beautiful hair. She always has a cute smile and carries herself with confidence. This is part of her fantastic personality, making her a tremendous actress and model. Isn’t she amazing?


Amilia Onyx is a very talented actress and model. She is seen as a model on TV, in movies, and on the runways. Amilia knew she wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. She started acting in school plays and practiced to become a great actress. Well, acting helped her overcome her shyness!

She also learned to walk on runways and pose for photos, which is how she became a model. Sometimes, she has to wear fancy dresses and high heels. Other times, she gets to wear fabulous costumes for her acting roles. She has a lot of fun doing her job, but it also takes hard work and practice. But Amelia doesn’t mind because she loves what she does. It’s her dream job!

Before fame

Before Amilia Onyx became a famous actress and model, she was just an ordinary girl, a lot like you! Can you imagine her as a little girl? She was shy, loved to play with her dog, and even liked to paint and read books. In school, she used to participate in plays and dramas. During one of these school plays, she realized her love for acting.

She was not famous then but worked hard to improve her acting. She practiced her lines, learned to express emotions, and overcame shyness. It wasn’t always easy, but Amilia never gave up. She knew that if she worked hard, she could become a successful actress. And guess what? Her hard work paid off! Today, she is a famous actress, all because she believed in herself and never stopped trying.

Social Media Presence

Amilia Onyx loves to stay connected with her fans and friends. She uses social media, just like many of us do every day. She has accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Amilia Onyx posts pictures and shares news about her work, hobbies, and daily life. 

Other times, she shares updates from her acting or modeling work. It’s fun to see what she’s up to! Just like you might share what you did at school today or a picture of a cool drawing you made, Amilia uses social media to share her life with the world. If you want to see what Amilia is up to, you can follow her on her social media accounts. But remember, always ask your parents before joining social media sites.

Net Worth and Achievements

Amilia Onyx works very hard as an actress and a model. And guess what? Her hard work has paid off! She has earned a lot of money, also called her “net worth.” She uses this money to care for herself, her family, and her cute dog, Fuzzy. Not only that, but she has also received awards for being such a great actress and model! It’s like getting a gold star at school or winning a race. These awards are like a big “Well done!” for all her hard work. But Amilia doesn’t stop working hard just because she has won awards. She keeps trying her best, just like you should always try your best!

Legacy and Impact

Amilia Onyx is not just an actress and model but also a role model for many young girls. She has shown that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and determination, even if you are shy at first like she was. Through her successful career, Amilia has made people realize that anyone can become a star if willing to work hard.

Amilia’s love for animals has also inspired many fans to be kind to animals. Her pet dog, Fuzzy, is fortunate to have her as a friend! Plus, her interest in reading books, cooking, and painting teaches us that hobbies other than work are essential. Overall, Amilia’s journey is not just about being successful in the film and fashion industry but also about being a kind and creative person. This is the legacy and impact of Amilia Onyx.


  • She loves to read books. Reading takes her to new worlds and helps her learn new things.
  • She loves playing with her dog, Fuzzy. 
  • Amilia also likes to cook. She enjoys trying out new recipes and tasting different foods. 
  • Finally, one of her favorite pastimes is painting. She likes to create beautiful artwork.
  • Like you color in your coloring books, Amilia loves filling her canvas with colors.
  • These hobbies keep her happy and help her relax after a busy workday.

Favorite Thing

  • She started acting when she was very young and has become successful. Many people love her work in movies and TV shows.
  • Amilia has a lovely family. She often shares pictures with them on social media. Their love and support have been critical to her success.
  • She has earned a huge net worth from her acting and modeling career.
  • She uses her money to live a comfortable life and help others.
  • Amilia is quite tall, which is perfect for her career as a model. She keeps fit and healthy to look her best on screen and the ramp.
  • This is a quick glimpse into Amilia’s life in 2024.

Interesting Facts About

  • Amilia looks very confident on screen, she was timid as a child. She worked hard to overcome her shyness, and look at her now!
  • Amilia has a big heart for animals. She has a pet dog named Fuzzy that she loves to play with. Maybe you love animals too!
  • Amilia loves to read. She believes that reading books makes her more innovative and more imaginative.
  • She often tries new recipes at home and shares them with her friends and family. 
  • Amilia has a unique talent for painting. She creates beautiful artwork in her free time. Painting could be your next hobby, too!


 What does Amilia Onyx do?

She is an actress and a model. This means she acts in movies, TV shows, and models clothes on runways. 

How old will Amilia Onyx be in 2024?

In 2024, Amilia is __ years old.

Does Amilia have any pets? 

Yes, she has a pet dog named Fuzzy. She loves playing with him!

Does Amilia Onyx like to read? 

Absolutely! She loves reading books. Each book takes her to a new world full of adventures.

Can I follow Amilia Onyx on social media?

Yes, but remember to ask your parents before joining any social media platform. 

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