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Moosa Mostafa

Moosa Mostafa, a talented 15-year-old actor from London, England. Moosa has taken the entertainment industry by storm with his exceptional acting skills and versatility on the big screen. With his captivating performance as Eugene Otinger in the popular Netflix series “Wednesday,” Moosa has gained recognition and fame at a young age. He was born into a well-established family in London and follows the Muslim religion. Standing at 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 30kg, Moosa has already made a mark in the entertainment world.

Who is Moosa Mostafa?

Moosa Mostafa is a young boy who acts in movies and shows. He lives in London, England, and he loves to act! People know him from a cool show called “Wednesday” where he played a character named Eugene.

Moosa is very good at pretending to be different people in his acting, and that’s what makes him special. He is also just like any other kid; he likes playing games, hanging out with his friends, and having fun with his family. Moosa is pretty awesome because he shows us that even when you’re young, you can do big things!


  • Name: Moosa Mostafa
  • Date Of Birth: 2009
  • Age: 15 Years old as of 2024
  • Place of birth: London, England

Real Name

Moosa Mostafa might sound like a name from a storybook, but it’s his real name! Just like you have a name that your family calls you, Moosa’s family calls him by his name. When he goes to work on movies or shows, everyone there calls him Moosa too.

Moosa Mostafa

It’s a special name for a boy who loves to act and bring characters to life on screen. His name is just as unique as he is, making him stand out just like the heroes in the stories he loves so much.

A Glimpse into Moosa Mostafa’s Early Life

Moosa Mostafa grew up in London, a big city with lots of people and cool places to see. As a little boy, Moosa loved to play pretend, making up stories and acting them out. He always had a big smile when he did this, and it made everyone around him happy too.

London is where he first found out he loved acting, by being in plays and having fun. Even though he was small, his dreams were huge! He wanted to be in movies and on TV, sharing his stories with the world. Moosa’s early life was filled with joy, imagination, and the love of his family.

Parents and Siblings

Moosa has a family just like you do! He has a mom and a dad who love him very much. They always support him in his acting and cheer him on. Moosa also might have brothers or sisters, just like some of you might have siblings to play with and share your toys.

His family helps him remember his lines for acting and practices with him. They are very proud of all the cool things Moosa does on TV and in movies. It’s really fun to have a family that cares so much about you, just like Moosa’s family does for him!

Favorite Food

Just like you, Moosa Mostafa loves to eat yummy things! Imagine sitting down to your favorite meal; that’s how Moosa feels when he eats his favorite food. Although we don’t know exactly what he loves to munch on, it could be anything from crispy chicken nuggets to sweet, creamy ice cream, or maybe even gooey pizza with lots of cheese!

Food is a fun part of everyone’s day, and Moosa, with his big adventures on TV and playing games, needs delicious food to keep him going. So next time you eat your favorite food, think about what Moosa’s favorite might be too!

Favorite Games

Moosa loves to dive into the world of video games, just like a lot of us do. Imagine playing games where you can be a superhero or go on big adventures without even leaving your room! That’s what Moosa enjoys.

He picks up his game controller and jumps into exciting stories, solving puzzles and battling villains to save the day. Whether he’s playing alone or with friends, each game is a new adventure waiting for him. It’s his way of having fun and taking a break from his busy life as a young actor.


Moosa loves spending time with his friends, playing games and sharing stories. They often pretend to go on big adventures, like the characters Moosa plays on TV. When he’s not acting, you can find him laughing and having fun with his buddies.

They play soccer, video games, and sometimes help Moosa practice his lines for a show. It’s cool having friends who support your dreams and enjoy the same fun activities. Together, they make every day an exciting adventure, full of games and laughter. Friends are a special part of Moosa’s life, making his days brighter and more fun.

Moosa Mostafa Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Moosa Mostafa might look small, but he’s got a big presence! He stands tall at 4 feet 9 inches. That’s like stacking a bunch of books up to your chest! And he weighs about the same as a big watermelon, 30kg.

Moosa is just the right size for all the fun roles he plays on TV and in movies. He’s also super active, which helps him run around and have fun on set. Plus, with his height and weight, Moosa fits perfectly into all kinds of exciting characters, making him a favorite among fans of all ages!

Moosa Mostafa Before Fame

Long before Moosa was a star on TV, he was just a kid with a big imagination. He loved playing pretend and making up stories, acting them out for his family and friends. Even in school, he liked being in plays, showing everyone how good he could be at acting.

Moosa didn’t know he would be on TV someday, but he always enjoyed pretending to be different characters. It was like practice for his big roles in movies and shows. Every day, he was getting ready for his dream, just by having fun and using his imagination.

Moosa Mostafa Career

Moosa Mostafa started acting when he was really young. He’s been in a big TV show called “Wednesday” where he played a boy named Eugene. This show is about a girl who can do magic and goes to a special school.

Moosa got to pretend he was part of this magical world, which was super fun. People liked how he acted, and now many know his name. Acting is like playing dress-up but in movies and shows. He loves doing it because he can be anyone he dreams of, from a magic school student to a superhero!

Moosa Mostafa Net Worth

Moosa Mostafa is kind of like a treasure hunter, but instead of searching for gold, he’s been collecting coins for his piggy bank by acting in movies and shows. Imagine if every time you played pretend, someone gave you a gold coin.

That’s what happens with Moosa! By being super good at acting, especially in “Wednesday,” he has saved up a lot of coins, making his piggy bank worth about $1 million. It’s like he has a mountain of toys he could buy, but it’s all because he loves to act and is really good at it.

Moosa Mostafa Famous Reason

Moosa Mostafa became super famous because he acted in a show called “Wednesday” on Netflix. In the show, he played a fun character named Eugene. Eugene goes to a magical school with lots of interesting friends. Kids and grown-ups watched Moosa on their TVs and really liked him.

They thought he was great at being Eugene! That’s how Moosa became a star. Everyone started to know who he was because of his awesome acting. People enjoy seeing him bring Eugene to life in the magical world of “Wednesday.”

Moosa Mostafa Nationality And Religion

Moosa Mostafa is from a big, busy city called London, right in England. That means he’s British, just like how some of us might be from different places too. He also follows the Muslim religion, which is a way of believing in God and doing kind things, just like many other people have their own religions.

Moosa’s family teaches him about being kind and doing good, which is really important in the Muslim religion. So, he’s a British boy who believes in being nice to everyone, no matter where they’re from or what they believe.

Moosa Mostafa Legacy and Impact

Even though Moosa Mostafa is still young, he’s already inspiring lots of kids around the world. He shows everyone that if you have a dream, like acting in big shows or movies, you can make it come true no matter your age.

Moosa’s big heart and hard work tell all of us that it’s okay to dream big and try hard to make those dreams come true. He makes other kids believe in themselves, too. By being a young star, Moosa helps light up the way for others, making him a real-life hero in his own magical adventure.

Moosa Mostafa Future Plains

Moosa has big dreams for when he grows up! He wants to act in more movies and maybe even be in a superhero film one day. Imagine Moosa flying around, saving the day! He also dreams of traveling around the world, visiting cool places, and meeting fans.

Moosa thinks about making stories himself too, maybe writing a book or directing a movie. Just like in video games, he sees his future as a big adventure waiting to happen. He’s excited to see where his acting will take him next and all the fun stories he’ll get to tell.


  • Playing Sports: Moosa loves to play all kinds of sports. He enjoys running around and playing games like soccer with his friends. It’s a fun way for him to stay active and healthy.
  • Watching Movies: He is a big fan of movies, especially the ones filled with adventure and magic. Moosa dreams of acting in many more films because he loves the stories they tell.
  • Reading Books: Moosa enjoys reading books that take him on exciting adventures. He likes stories about heroes and magical lands. Reading helps him learn new words and imagine great things.
  • Drawing: He likes to draw pictures of his favorite movie characters and scenes from the stories he reads. Drawing lets him be creative and make his own art.
  • Playing Video Games: Moosa enjoys playing video games with his friends. They have fun competing and working together in the game world. It’s one of his favorite ways to relax and have a good time.
  • Spending Time with Family: Moosa loves to spend time with his family. They do lots of fun things together, like playing games, going on walks, and cooking meals. Family time is very special to him.

Interesting Facts About Moosa Mostafa 

  • Young Star: Moosa became famous for playing in a big show on TV. He showed everyone how good he can act when he was still very young.
  • Loves Stories: He really enjoys stories about magic and heroes. It’s fun for him to pretend he’s in those adventures.
  • Dream Big: Moosa dreams of being in more movies because he loves to be part of telling exciting stories.
  • Art and Games: When not acting, Moosa likes to draw and play video games. It’s his way of having fun and being creative.
  • Sports Fan: Playing sports like soccer with friends is something Moosa loves. It keeps him happy and healthy.
  • Bookworm: Reading books is another way Moosa goes on adventures, but through the pages of the books. He finds new words and big ideas in them.
  • Family Time: Spending time with his family is very important to Moosa. They have lots of fun together doing different things.


Got questions about Moosa Mostafa? Here are some answers! People often ask,

How old is Moosa?

Well, he’s a 15-year-old boy who loves acting and having fun.

What show made Moosa famous?

The answer is “Wednesday,” where he played a cool character named Eugene. Some kids wonder,

Does Moosa have any hobbies?

Yes! He enjoys sports, movies, reading, drawing, and playing video games.

What does Moosa dream about?

He dreams of acting in more movies, maybe even as a superhero, and traveling the world. Remember, it’s fun to learn about Moosa and all the cool things he does!


So, we learned a lot about Moosa Mostafa today, didn’t we? He’s not just an actor on TV; he’s a kid who loves doing a bunch of cool things. From playing sports and video games to reading books and drawing, Moosa is pretty much like any of us.

He has big dreams and works hard to make them come true, showing us that anyone, no matter how young, can achieve great things if they really try. Remember how he loves spending time with his family? It tells us that no matter how busy we are, family and friends are super important. Keep dreaming big and having fun, just like Moosa!

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