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Jenny Popach has quickly become famous on social media. She is known for her infectious dance videos and engaging content. Born on November 15, 2006 in Miami, FL, Jenny has already achieved immense success at the young age of 18. She rose to fame on YouTube. There, she shared tutorials and challenges.

But, it was her TikTok account, jennypopach, that catapulted her into the spotlight. She has over 370,000 followers. Jenny is 5 feet 3 inches tall and her weight is 48kg. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. It is only expected to grow in the coming years. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star’s journey in 2024.

Who is jenny popach?

Jenny Popach is a young girl who loves to dance. She makes videos that lots of people like to watch on a place called TikTok. She started making videos with her mom’s help and even puts them on another place called YouTube. Jenny has a fun brother she makes videos with too.

People love watching her. She’s good at dancing and pretending in her videos. She once made a video where she talked like Kylie Jenner, and it was super popular! Jenny is known for being happy and sharing her fun dances with everyone.


Jenny Popach
Date of Birth
November 15, 2006
18 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Her real name is not Jenny Popach. It is Roselie Arritola. It’s like having a secret superhero name, isn’t it? Jenny uses her fun name, Jenny Popach, when she dances and makes videos for all of us to watch and enjoy.

But, when she is not making videos, she might be just Roselie, doing regular things like any other kid. It’s cool to think we can have more than one name, one for everyday and one for when we’re creating fun things for the world!

Early Life and Education

Jenny Popach, also known as Roselie Arritola, grew up in sunny Miami, FL. She started loving dance and music at a very young age. Even when she was little, she enjoyed moving to the rhythm and sharing her joy with everyone around her. Jenny went to school just like other kids, where she learned all sorts of interesting things.

School also helped her make friends who loved dancing just as much as she did. Every day after school, Jenny couldn’t wait to come home and think of new dance moves or fun videos to share. Her love for creating and learning has always been a big part of her life.

Parents and siblings.

Jenny Popach’s mommy’s name is Maria Ulacia. Maria is very supportive. She sometimes even appears in Jenny’s videos to help and cheer her on. Jenny also has a brother, and they like to make fun videos together. Once, Jenny did her brother’s makeup.

Another time, they made a brother tag video. In it, they answered questions about each other. It’s like having your best friends living with you! Jenny’s family sounds super fun. They all love making memories and sharing laughs. They seem like a happy team, always ready for the next adventure or silly moment to capture on video.


Jenny Popach is very private about her personal life. She hasn’t talked about having a boyfriend. Jenny is still young. She focuses on her dancing and making fun videos. She posts them to her TikTok and YouTube channels.

Just like any other girl her age, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Jenny likes to keep some things just for herself, which is totally okay. Everyone deserves their own secret garden of personal space. There, they can just be themselves. They can do so without sharing everything with the world.

jenny popach physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Jenny Popach is like a character from a storybook. She is just the right size for all her adventures. Imagine she’s as tall as 5 feet 3 inches height. She also weight is 48kg! This means she’s perfectly made for dancing around and being super active in her videos.

Jenny is like a fit superhero. Her figure helps her dance beautifully and excel at her work. It’s like her body is made for smiling, dancing, and bringing joy to everyone who watches her.

jenny popach Before Fame

Long before Jenny Popach became famous for her dance moves and funny videos, she was just like any kid. Jenny loved to play and dance even when no cameras were around. She went to school, did her homework, and played with friends. Jenny always had a big smile and loved to make others happy too.

She started by making simple videos, not knowing so many people would end up loving them. Her family was always there, cheering her on and laughing together. Even before she was a star on TikTok, Jenny was practicing her dances and sharing joy, just like she does now.

jenny popach Career

Jenny Popach started by sharing fun dance videos and quickly became loved by many people. She dances and pretends in videos, making everyone smile. Jenny uses TikTok, a place where you can share short videos, to show her cool moves. She also uses YouTube, where she can share longer videos like her trips or playing with makeup.

People from all over the world watch her dance and play. Jenny works hard and has fun, making her videos special. She loves to create and share, making her a star to many who enjoy watching her adventures and dances.

Net Worth and earnings.

Jenny Popach, also known as Roselie, has done a really great job with her dancing and videos. Because she is so good at it, she has made some money too! Think of it like getting an allowance for doing something super fun and sharing it with the world.

Jenny has been able to earn money by having a lot of people watch her dance on TikTok and her other fun videos on YouTube. People guess she has about $1 million, which is a lot like having a huge mountain of toy blocks!

Famous Reason

Jenny Popach became famous. She loves to dance and shares her dances on a place called TikTok. Lots of people watch her because she’s really good at moving to the music and making fun videos. Her net worth is estimated to $2million.

One time, she made a video. In it, she talked like Kylie Jenner. It was so funny and cool. Over 17 million people watched it! That’s like if all the kids in a bunch of huge schools watched her video! She makes everyone smile and want to dance too, which is why so many people like to watch her.

jenny popach Nationality and religion.

Jenny Popach, or Roselie, was born in a sunny place called Miami, Florida. That means she is American, just like kids who are born in places like New York or California. America is a big country with lots of different people. Jenny’s family comes from there, so she is American too! About what she believes or her religion, Jenny keeps that private.

Just like everyone has their favorite color or food, people also have their own beliefs. And it’s okay to keep some things just to ourselves, isn’t it? So, Jenny is a young American girl who loves to dance and make videos.

jenny popach Legacy and Impact

Jenny Popach, also known as Roselie, is making a big splash with her fun dance moves and happy videos. She shows us that being yourself and sharing what you love can bring joy to lots of people.

By dancing and playing in her videos, Jenny helps others feel brave enough to dance too. She’s like a cheerful friend who encourages everyone to have fun and enjoy music. Jenny’s videos remind us to smile, dance, and not be afraid to show the world who we are.

jenny popach Future Plains

Jenny Popach has big dreams for the future! She wants to keep dancing and sharing her fun videos with everyone. Jenny thinks about making cooler dance moves. Maybe she will teach others to dance like her.

She’s also excited to travel more and show everyone the amazing places she visits. Jenny dreams of making more videos with her brother and maybe even making a big movie one day. She wants to keep smiling, dancing, and making the world a happier place with her videos. Jenny’s future looks as bright and fun as a sunny day!


  • Jenny loves to dance. She makes fun dance videos and shares them with people on TikTok.

  • She enjoys traveling. Jenny shared her first trip to New York on YouTube.

  • Making videos with her brother is something she likes. They do fun stuff like makeup and answer questions together.

  • Jenny also likes to pretend she’s talking in videos. She made a super popular video pretending to chat like Kylie Jenner and her daughter.

  • Playing dress-up and trying on different clothes for her videos is another fun hobby for her.

  • She has fun making tutorials and challenge videos, teaching and trying new things.

  • Jenny likes to listen to music and sometimes uses it in her dance videos.

Interesting Facts About jenny popach

  • Jenny Popach’s real name is Roselie Arritola.

  • She was born on November 15, 2006, in Miami, FL.

  • Jenny loves to dance and shares her dances on TikTok.

  • She has over 370,000 fans on TikTok.

  • Jenny made a very popular video with Kylie Jenner’s voice, watched over 17 million times!

  • She has a YouTube channel where she started with a trip video to New York.

  • Jenny’s mom’s name is Maria Ulacia, and she sometimes makes videos with her brother.

  • She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 48kg.

  • People guess Jenny’s net worth is about $1million.


What’s Jenny’s real name?

It’s Roselie Arritola!

How old is Jenny?

She is 18 years old in 2024.

Where was Jenny born?

She was born in Miami, FL.

Does Jenny like to dance?

Yes, she loves dancing a lot and shares her dances on TikTok.

Who is Jenny’s mom?

Her mom’s name is Maria Ulacia.

How tall is Jenny?

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

What does Jenny like to do for fun?

She enjoys dancing and traveling. She also likes making videos with her brother. And she enjoys playing dress-up for her videos.

How much is Jenny worth?

People think she has $1 million.

How old is Jenny from TikTok?
Jenny Popach, who is only a 16-year-old right now has been creating videos and posting them on social media for quite some time now
How many followers does Jenny Popach have on TikTok?
Roselie Arritola, who goes by Jenny Popach on TikTok, is one of the platform’s most controversial teen stars, with 7 million followers
What movie is Jenny Popach in?
Jenny Popach is known for Sawyer Sharbino (2020) and Teens Wanna Know (2012).
How old is Jenny from TikTok?
Jenny Popach, who is only a 16-year-old right now has been creating videos and posting them on social media for quite some time now


In the end, Jenny Popach, whose real name is Roselie Arritola, is a very fun and creative person. She loves to dance and make videos for everyone to see. Jenny has lots of people who watch her dance on TikTok and enjoys making videos with her brother too. She even pretended to talk like Kylie Jenner in one video, and lots of people loved it!

Jenny is also very good at trying on different outfits and showing them in her videos. She has traveled to places like New York and shares these adventures with us. Jenny is a talented young star who likes to share happiness with her dancing and fun videos!

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