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Annoying TV

Annoying TV is a famous YouTuber from Houston, Texas, who has gained a massive following for his entertaining content. Annoying TV, whose real name is still unknown, was born on June 13, 1997, making him 27 years old in 2024. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 65kg. This internet sensation has amassed a net worth of $5 million through his successful YouTube career. Known for his funny and engaging videos, Annoying TV has captured the hearts of many, including children like you. Stay tuned to learn more about this talented and hilarious content creator!

Who is Annoying TV?

Annoying TV is an incredible person who makes videos on the internet. He lives in Houston, Texas, and loves sharing fun stuff with people worldwide. Imagine being able to create videos that lots of people watch and enjoy! That’s what Annoying TV does. He started making videos a while ago, and now, he has many friends online who watch his adventures and laugh with him.

Annoying TV likes to play games, tell jokes, and show off exciting things he finds. It’s like having a super fun friend with incredible stories to share. He works hard on his videos, and they show because so many people like watching them. Isn’t it awesome to think about making your fun videos for the whole world to see? That’s what Annoying TV does every day!


Annoying TV
27 Years
Date of Birth
Jun 13, 1997
United States
Birth Place
Houston, TX

Early Life and Education

Annoying TV grew up in Houston, Texas. As a little kid, he went to school just like you. In school, he learned many things that helped him become the fabulous YouTuber he is today. He probably learned how to read, write, and do math.

He could even make some videos for fun projects! School was where he could play with friends and learn new things daily. Every day at school, you’re learning stuff that could help you do amazing things someday, just like Annoying TV!

Parents and Siblings

Like you, Annoying TV has a family who loves him a lot! He was born into a caring family in Houston, Texas. Even though he hasn’t shared much about his mom and dad or whether he has brothers and sisters, we know they must be proud of him. Imagine having a family member who makes so many people smile worldwide! Families support each other, just like your family helps you when you’re learning something new or having a tough day.

Annoying TV’s family probably cheered him on when he started making videos, and they might even give him funny ideas for his next video! Families are fantastic because they’re your biggest fans, just like you might be your parents’ and siblings’ biggest fans when they do something extraordinary.


Annoying TV keeps his heart matters private, so he doesn’t talk much about his girlfriend online. Just like some secrets are only shared with best friends, Annoying TV chooses to keep this part of his life between him and his close ones. It’s important to respect people’s privacy and understand that everyone has things they might want to keep to themselves, even YouTubers like Annoying TV!

Annoying TV Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Annoying TV is a grown-up, and he’s 27 years old! That means he’s been around for a while, learning and having fun. He’s not tall or short, standing 5 feet 8 inches tall. If you think about it, that’s like if you stacked many books on each other until they reached way above your head! And he weighs 65kg as if you had five big bags of dog food altogether. That’s pretty heavy.

What’s neat is how everyone looks different, and Annoying TV is no exception. He’s got his unique look, just like you and me. But remember, it’s not just how tall you are or what you look like that makes you unique. It’s all the fun things you do and how you make people feel happy and laugh. That’s what makes Annoying TV stand out. Just think about everything that makes you unique and special, too!

Annoying TV Before Fame

Before Annoying TV became a big star on YouTube, he was like any other kid growing up in Houston, Texas. Imagine playing in your backyard, going to school, and dreaming about the future—that was Annoying TV’s life, too. He might have been making funny faces, telling jokes to his friends, or maybe even filming little videos, not knowing he would become famous for it one day. ]

Before all the games, the laughter, and the fun videos that many people watch now, he was learning, playing, and dreaming just like you. Every big star has to start somewhere, and he began in the heart of Texas with a kid full of dreams and a love for making others smile.

Annoying TV Career

Annoying TV started making videos for YouTube because he loves sharing fun things with everyone. He plays games, tells jokes, and shows cool stuff he finds. People all over the world watch his videos and laugh a lot. He works hard to make his videos enjoyable; many people like them.

This is how he became a famous YouTuber. He turned something he loves doing into his job. Imagine playing and creating every day and sharing it with friends you haven’t even met yet! That’s what Annoying TV does; it makes him and others very happy.

Annoying TV Net Worth and Achievement

Annoying TV has done something super cool! He turned making videos and having fun into his job. Because of this, he has saved up a lot of money. Guess how much? He has $5 million! That’s like having a mountain of toys or a never-ending supply of ice cream! He didn’t just get this money by luck; he worked hard.

He has become very successful by sharing his fun adventures and making people laugh. This shows us that doing what you love can lead to great things. Many people know who he is because he makes them happy with his videos. Isn’t that a fantastic achievement?

Annoying TV Social Media

Annoying TV is a big star on the internet, especially on sites like YouTube, where he shares his fun videos. He also uses other places on the internet to talk with his friends and fans. Think of it as a playground with pictures, videos, and messages instead of swings and slides.

He posts cool stuff, like sneak peeks of his subsequent videos or funny things that happened to him. Imagine being able to show your drawings or your Lego creations to people all over the world! That’s what Annoying TV does with his social media. He gets to share a part of his day and even hear what others think. It’s like having a massive group of friends you can talk to anytime!

Annoying TV Legacy and Impact

Annoying TV has made a big splash in the world with his videos. Think of him as a superhero of laughter, bringing smiles to faces all over the planet. By sharing his fun games and jokes, he shows us how important it is to laugh and have a good time. He teaches us that following our dreams and passions can lead to unique places. When you draw a picture or build something extraordinary, everyone says, “Wow!”

That’s what he does with his videos. He’s like a friend you haven’t met yet, making your day brighter with his fun adventures. And the best part? He encourages kids and grown-ups alike to chase their dreams and find joy in every day. So, even though we’re talking about what He has already done, his story is still going, just like a never-ending adventure book that gets more exciting with every page.

What’s Next for Annoying TV?

He will keep making awesome videos that make us giggle and smile. Maybe he’ll play new video games we’ve never seen before or take us on virtual adventures to places we can only dream about.

He might even get a pet who could become a star in his videos! Annoying TV always thinks of fun new ideas, so we must wait and see what exciting things he’ll do next. Whatever it is, we know it will be super fun and something that will make us all happy. So, let’s stay tuned and watch what happens!


Playing Video Games: He loves to play video games. It’s one of his favourite things to do. He enjoys trying out new games and getting better at them.

Making Videos: Besides playing games, he also loves making videos for YouTube. He thinks sharing his gaming adventures and funny moments with others is fun.

Listening to Music: He enjoys listening to music. It helps him relax and get in the mood to make great videos.

Hanging Out with Friends: Spending time with his buddies is essential to him. They have fun, laugh, and sometimes play games together.

Traveling: He likes to explore new places when possible. Travelling is exciting because he gets to see different parts of the world.

He has many interests, but these are some of his favourites. He always finds time for these activities because they make him happy.

Interesting Facts About Annoying TV

Birthday Party: He has a big party on June 13th every year. He turns one year older!

Loves Animals: He really likes animals. Sometimes, he shares pictures of cute dogs and cats on his internet page.

Favorite Food: Pizza is his most favourite food. He could eat it every day!

Super Tall: He is taller than most friends. He is as tall as five rulers stacked on top of each other!

Playing Games: He plays video games and is very good at them. It’s like he’s on an adventure but in his living room.

Making People Laugh: He loves to make funny videos that make people laugh. Imagine telling jokes to the whole world!

Dream Place to Visit: He dreams of attending Disney World. It’s a place with many fun rides and where he can meet Mickey Mouse.


How old is Annoying TV?

He’s 27 years old! Imagine being that age!

How tall is he?

He’s as tall as 5 foot 8 inches. That’s like stacking 70 apples on top of each other!

What does Annoying TV like to do?

He loves playing video games, making YouTube videos, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and travelling. He’s always having fun!

What’s Annoying TV’s favourite food?

Pizza! Imagine eating pizza every single day. Yum!

Does Annoying TV have a favourite game?

While it’s not mentioned, he loves many video games because he plays a lot!

Where does Annoying TV want to visit the most?

Disney World! It’s a place with fun rides and where you can meet Mickey Mouse.

Remember, Annoying TV is just a person who loves making videos and having a good time. You’ll find something fun you like too!


Annoying TV is a super fun YouTuber with lots of cool stuff going on. He’s not just about playing video games or making people laugh with his videos, but he also loves animals, hanging out with friends, and travelling to new places. Imagine having a big birthday party yearly and eating your favourite food, pizza, whenever you want!

And who wouldn’t want to visit Disney World? That sounds like a dream come true! Remember, whether playing games, exploring, or having fun with friends, you can find joy in what you love, just like his does. Keep smiling and laughing; maybe one day, you’ll share your adventures with the world, too!

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