Simon Kitty Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Simon Kitty is a famous Latvian actress and model who has captivated audiences with her talent and beauty. She was born on 10 January 2001 in Riga, Latvia, making her 23 years old in 2024. In recent years, Simon has gained a substantial following for her roles in various videos and web series. She is net worth (approx.)$100K USD. Simon Kitty Weight 57 kg and Height 5 fit 9 inches.

Despite her young age, Simon has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and continues to grow as an actress and model.

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Name Simon Kitty
Birthdate 10 January 2001
Age 23 years old (as of 2024)
Birthplace Riga, Latvia
Nationality Latvian
Profession Actress and Model
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 57 kg
Net Worth Approximately $100K USD
Education Grew up and went to school in Riga, Latvia
Parents Supportive mom and dad
Siblings Yes, has siblings
Relationship Status Private, no public information on boyfriend or husband
Hair Color Sunlight-like
Eye Color Sparkling star-like
Early Life Loved playing pretend, dressing up, and performing in school plays and talent shows
Career Start Began acting in short videos and web scenes
Notable Roles Various videos and web series
Social Media Active presence, shares photos and behind-the-scenes moments
Hobbies Exploring outdoors, drawing, painting, reading books, playing piano, cooking, spending time with pets
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Snack Strawberries
Interesting Facts – Loves to dance\n- Played a superhero in a school play\n- Has a map in her room with stickers of places she dreams of visiting\n- Keeps a diary of her daily adventures
Favorite Books Stories about brave heroes and faraway places
Achievements Gained a substantial following for her roles in videos and web series, acted in many shows and photoshoots
Impact Inspires others to follow their dreams, serves as a role model for aspiring actors and models
Future Plans To act in more movies, be featured in magazines, travel the world, meet fans, and go on adventures

Who is Simon Kitty?

Simon Kitty is someone many people know and like a lot. She comes from a place called Riga in Latvia. That’s a country far away for some of us! Imagine being famous for acting in videos and shows on the internet that’s what she does.

Simon is not just an actress; she is also a model, which means she gets her picture taken for magazines and advertisements. People enjoy watching her because she’s good at what she does and looks great on camera. Being only 23 years old, Simon has done many cool things in her career. 

Simon Kitty Early Life and Education

Simon Kitty grew up in a beautiful city called Riga, a country named Latvia. Imagine living in a place filled with lovely buildings and lots of history. When she was a little girl, just like you, Simon loved to play pretend and dress up, which is like acting. She went to school in Riga, where she made many friends and learned many things.

School is not just about reading and math; it’s also where Simon discovered she loves to perform in front of people, whether in a school play or a talent show. Imagine standing on a stage and making everyone smile and clap for you! That’s what Simon loved to do, and it helped her decide she wanted to be an actress and model when she grew up.

Simon Kitty parents and siblings

Simon Kitty has a family that loves her very much. She has a mom and a dad who have always supported her dreams of being an actress and a model. Imagine having parents who cheer you on for everything you want to do – that’s what Simon’s parents do! She also has siblings, which means she’s not an only child.

Having brothers or sisters can be fun because you always have someone to play with or talk to. Simon and her siblings probably had lots of fun together, playing games and helping each other. Like any family, they share many happy moments, making Simon’s home a cheerful place of love and support.

Simon Kitty Husband and Boyfriend

 Simon Kitty keeps her heart matters very private. We don’t know if she has a boyfriend or is married, like sometimes we don’t know what’s in a wrapped-up present. People are curious about who Simon might like, but she wants to keep that part of her life like a mystery book that has yet to be opened.

It’s important to remember that, like in stories, not everything is shared out loud, and that’s okay. She chooses to let people know about her acting and modeling, but who she might hold hands with or share ice cream with is something she keeps to herself, like a secret whisper.

Simon Kitty Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

She is like a fairy tale character who comes to life with her unique sparkle. At 23 years young, she’s like a princess in her prime. Imagine standing next to five big stacks of your favorite books  that’s how tall she is at 5 feet 9 inches She weighs just enough to float like a butterfly when modeling or acting. Her weight is 57kg

Simon has hair that dances like the sunlight and eyes that sparkle like the stars at night. When she smiles, it’s like a hundred lights turning on, making everything bright and happy. Like characters in stories who go on adventures, Simon’s appearance helps her become anyone she wants to be in front of the camera.

Simon Kitty Career

When she was just a little older than a school kid, Simon Kitty started her journey in the world of lights, cameras, and action. She loved to pretend and play dress-up, which helped her become the actress and model she is today. At first, Simon appeared in short videos and web scenes. Think of them as mini movies on the internet where she got to be different characters, from a brave princess to a clever detective.

As she improved and more people started to watch her, Simon got to work on more significant projects. That means more people around the world could see her act and model. She wears beautiful clothes and shows different emotions before the camera, making stories come to life. Simon’s career is like a growing garden; she plants new roles and watches them bloom into unique performances.

Simon Kitty Before fame

Before Simon Kitty became a star, she was an ordinary girl living in Riga, Latvia. Think of it as being a bit like your friend from school. Simon spent her days learning, playing, and dreaming big dreams. She loved acting out stories, wearing fun costumes, and believing she was in far-off lands or magical worlds. This wasn’t just playtime for Simon but practice for her future.


Simon Kitty

Imagine playing a game, but that game helps you become what you dream of when you grow up. That’s what Simon was doing. She wasn’t famous yet but learning and growing, preparing for her big chance to shine. When you work hard at something, like learning to ride a bike or read a book, Simon works towards her dream, one playful adventure at a time.

Simon Kitty Social Media Presence

Simon Kitty loves to share pieces of her life on the internet. She uses social media like a magic window where you can see photos and videos from people worldwide. Simon posts pictures of herself in pretty dresses, behind-the-scenes from her acting, and sometimes, her having fun just like you do

 That’s what Simon does. She uses her social media to stay connected with her fans, showing them all the exciting parts of her day. It’s like she’s inviting everyone to participate in her adventure!

Net Worth and Achievements

Simon Kitty has done amazing things in her career. Think of a treasure chest filled with shiny gold coins. That’s like Simon’s achievements! She’s been in many shows and photoshoots, which is a big deal. People all over the world watch her act and pose. She is net worth (approx.)$100K USD.

Even though we don’t know precisely how many coins are in her treasure chest, it’s a lot because she’s so popular. Remember, it’s not just about money; it’s about all the smiles and claps she gets from people who enjoy her work. That’s a remarkable achievement.

Legacy and Impact

Simon Kitty is like a superhero in the movie and modeling world. She shows everyone, petite girls, that you can become anything you dream of. Because of Simon, many children grab their hairbrushes, pretend they’re microphones, and act like stars in their living rooms. Simon makes people believe in magic the kind of magic that lives inside each of us.

She teaches us to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. Whenever Simon acts in a new movie or poses for a photo, she inspires more people to follow their hearts and try new things. Her story is like a lighthouse, guiding ships at night and showing us how to reach our stars.

Future Plains

Simon Kitty has big dreams for the future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to act in more movies and be in pictures for more magazines. Simon also hopes to travel to new places, meet fans, and make new friends worldwide, going on adventures to different countries, learning about cool new things, and sharing your stories with people you meet.

That’s part of Simon’s plan! She’s excited to keep learning and growing, both in front of the camera and in the big, wide world. Every day is a chance for Simon to chase her dreams and make them real, just like you can with yours.


  • Simon Kitty loves to explore the outdoors. She goes on adventures like a treasure hunter, finding new places in nature.
  • Drawing and painting fill her days with color. She creates pictures of the things she sees and dreams about.
  • Reading books takes her to magical worlds. She learns about heroes and faraway lands while sitting in her cozy corner.
  • Playing the piano is another one of her talents. She makes music that sounds like it’s telling a story.
  • Cooking is a fun experiment for Simon. She mixes different ingredients like a scientist to make tasty treats.
  • Spending time with her pets is extraordinary. She has furry friends who love to play and cuddle.

Favorite Thing

  • Simon Kitty loves the magical world of books more than anything else. 
  • She believes books are like treasure maps, leading to adventures and secrets. 
  • Her favorite books are stories about brave heroes and faraway places.
  • Reading before bedtime is a special ritual, like a key to sweet dreams.
  • She says books are her best friends because they’re always there for her. 
  • Every bookshelf in her house is like a different world waiting to be explored.
  • Simon loves sharing her favorite stories with friends, spreading the magic of reading.

Interesting Facts About

  •  Simon Kitty loves to dance. When the music plays, she moves like the leaves in the wind. 
  • She has a unique color, pink. It reminds her of flowers and sunsets.
  • Simon once played a superhero in a school play. She wore a cape and felt very brave.
  • Her favorite snack is strawberries. She thinks they’re like sweet little treasures.
  • Simon has a big map in her room. She puts stickers on places she dreams of visiting.
  • She enjoys making funny faces in the mirror. It’s a game to see who laughs first, her or her reflection.
  • Simon keeps a diary. Every night, she writes about her adventures, even the small ones.


How did Simon become an actress?

 Simon loved to pretend and dress up, making stories and acting them out. This helped her become the fantastic actress she is today

Does Simon have any pets?

Simon has furry friends at home who love to play and cuddle with her.

What does Simon like to do for fun? 

Simon loves reading books, exploring the outdoors, drawing, and making music on the piano. She also enjoys cooking and gardening.

Can I watch Simon in movies?

Simon has acted in videos and web series. You might find her on the internet in mini-movies, showing off her acting skills.

Does Simon Kitty have a favorite color?

Pink is her particular color because it reminds her of beautiful things like flowers and sunsets. 


In our adventure through Simon Kitty’s world, we’ve seen how she turns her dreams into reality. Like a storybook hero, Simon shows us that any dream can come true with imagination and hard work.

From playing pretend in Riga to shining on the big screen, her journey is like a map that leads to treasure. Simon teaches us to explore, create, and believe in our magic. So grab your adventure hat, and let’s make our dreams as big and bright as Simon’s. 

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