Imani Duckett Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Imani Duckett is a rising star in entertainment. She follows her famous mother, Jasmine Guy. Born on March 28, 1999, Imani has already made a name for herself at 25 years old. Her parents, Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett, gave her their love for acting. She has been around the magic of movies and plays since she was a child. Imani has a natural talent and a passion for make-believe stories. She has won over audiences. This was with her performances on stage and in the 2016 play “Serial Black Face.”

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weight is 58kg, she’s a petite yet powerful presence on screen. Her net worth is $2 million. But, Imani is still focused on honing her craft and on enjoying time with her family. She is a young actress with a bright future. Let’s take a closer look at Imani Duckett’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki in 2024.

Who is Imani Duckett?

Imani Duckett is like a princess in a storybook. She’s a young actress, whose mom and dad love acting too. Her mom, Jasmine Guy, is like a queen in the movie world. Imani was born when the flowers begin to bloom at sunrise, which makes her special.

She acts in plays and makes believe she’s different people, which is a lot of fun. Imagine dressing up and pretending all day! Imani is growing up in a world where she can be anything she dreams of, like in fairy tales. She’s on a big adventure, making stories come to life.


Imani Duckett
Date of Birth
March 28, 1999
25 years old as of 2024

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Real Name

Imani Duckett is her real name. It’s not a name from a storybook or a make-believe game. Her mom and dad gave her this special name when she was born. You’ve got a name that your mom and dad thought was perfect for you.

Imani’s name is as unique and beautiful as she is. It’s the name she uses when she acts in plays and movies. And remember, Imani means faith in Swahili, which is a very pretty language spoken in Africa. Isn’t it cool to have a name that means something special?

The Early Years of Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett grew up in a world where make-believe was part of her everyday life. From a very young age, she loved to play dress-up and pretend to be characters from her favorite stories. Her mom and dad always told her tales from movies and plays they loved. This made Imani’s imagination grow big and strong.

She would often put on little shows for her family, using her toys as actors and her bedroom as a stage. Those early days were full of laughter and creativity. They were also full of dressing up. They laid the foundation for Imani’s future in acting.

Parents and siblings.

Imani Duckett has a mom named Jasmine Guy, who is like a star in the sky because she’s a very famous actress. Her dad’s name is Terrence Duckett. Together, they make Imani’s world full of love and fun stories.

Imani doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, so she’s the special one who gets all the hugs and bedtime stories. Her mom and dad always play with her, making her laugh and teaching her about acting and make-believe. Imani’s family is like a team, always together, sharing dreams and adventures.


She’s not thinking about having a boyfriend now. She loves to act and learn new things every day.

It’s like when you’re playing with friends and having so much fun that you don’t want to stop. Imani feels the same way about acting. She enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes diving into her hobbies, such as drawing and dancing. So, Imani’s heart is full of dreams and adventures, with no room for a boyfriend yet.

Imani Duckett: Weight, Height, and Physical Attributes

Imani Duckett is like a storybook character, not too tall and not too short. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weihgt is 58kg.

It’s kind of like if you put a bunch of your school backpacks together to see how heavy they are. Imani looks just right for playing many characters. She could play princesses or adventurers. With her sparkling eyes and big smile, she’s ready to step into any story.

Imani Duckett Before Fame

Imani Duckett grew up in a world where stories were like air – everywhere around her! As a girl, she would dress up in fancy costumes. She would pretend to be characters from the fairy tales she loved. Her mom and dad, Jasmine and Terrence, always encouraged her to use her imagination.

They would sit together and make up stories. They would act them out, turning their living room into a magical stage. This was how Imani learned to love acting. She didn’t know it yet, but these fun playtimes were her first steps toward becoming an actress.

Stepping into the spotlight: Imani’s acting career.

Imani Duckett’s acting journey is like a fun adventure story. Imagine stepping into a magical world where you can be anyone you dream of. That’s what acting is for Imani. She first shone bright in a play called “Serial Black Face.” There, she pretended to be different characters.

People watching clapped a lot because she was amazing. It’s like when you do something really cool and everyone cheers for you. Imani loves to act because it’s like playing. But, she gets to share the playtime with lots of others. This makes it even more special.

The Financial Aspect: Imani Duckett’s Net Worth

Imagine having a big piggy bank filled with lots and lots of coins and dollar bills. Well, Imani Duckett’s net worth is esdtimated to $2 million! That’s like if you saved every birthday and tooth fairy dollar, but a million times more.

Imani got this huge treasure from acting and being super talented. It’s like when you get an allowance for helping at home. It’s a lot of money. But, Imani is still working hard and having fun acting. She isn’t just sitting on her treasure like a dragon!

Imani Duckett Famous Reason

Imani Duckett is known because her mom, Jasmine Guy, is a very famous actress who has been in lots of movies and shows. People started to notice Imani when she was young because her mom is so loved by many fans.

Then, Imani decided to be an actress too. She showed everyone how good she is at acting, especially in the play “Serial Black Face.” People cheered for her. She did a fantastic job. That’s why Imani is famous – she’s a great actress like her mom and she makes people happy with her acting.

Imani Duckett Nationality and religion.

Imani Duckett is from a place called America, so she is American. like you might be from a town or city, America is her big home where she lives. She doesn’t talk much about what she believes. This includes stories about the world and how to be kind to people.

People believe in different things, like superheroes believing in saving the day. Imani, like you, might have her own special beliefs. She might have favorite stories that teach her about being good and doing great things. Everyone’s beliefs are like their own treasure map to being the best they can be.

Imani Duckett Legacy and Impact

Imani Duckett is like a shining star, like her mom, Jasmine Guy. Imagine getting to play dress-up and make-believe every day! That’s what Imani does as an actress. She acts in plays and shows, telling stories that make people laugh, cry, or even think.

She’s like a superhero but for movies and theater. Imani shares a talent for acting with her family. She makes many people happy when they watch her perform. She’s young but already making waves. She shows everyone that chasing dreams is vital. like her mom, she’s inspiring many with her amazing work.

Imani Duckett Future Plains

Imani Duckett is like a young explorer with a map to treasure, eager to find more magic in movies and plays. She has big dreams and her eyes sparkle with ideas for the future. Imani wants to act in more stories, playing heroes, adventurers, and even a princess or two.

She wants to learn more about acting and meet people who can teach her about storytelling. Imani loves to spend time with her family, and together, they cheer for her and help her dream even bigger. Imagine all the fun and exciting roles she will play as she grows up!


  • Imani loves acting, just like playing pretend.

  • She enjoys watching movies and plays with her family.

  • Reading books filled with fun stories and adventures is another favorite hobby.

  • Imani also likes to draw and paint, creating her own colorful world.

  • When outside, she loves to play in the park and explore nature.

  • Dancing around to music is super fun for her.

  • Playing with her pets and taking care of them makes her happy.

Interesting Facts About Imani Duckett

  • Imani was born in the spring, on March 28.

  • She is 25 years old as of 2024.

  • Her mom is a famous actress named Jasmine Guy.

  • Imani loves to act in plays and movies.

  • She was in a play called “Serial Black Face” and did a great job.

  • Imani is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

  • She has a big imagination and loves to tell stories.

  • Imani enjoys spending time with her family and learning new things.

  • She has a net worth of $2 million, which is a lot of money.

  • Imani hasn’t talked about having a boyfriend because she’s focusing on acting.


How old is Imani Duckett?

Imani is 25 years old in 2024.

Who is Imani Duckett’s mom?

Her mom is Jasmine Guy, a famous actress.

Has Imani Duckett acted in plays?

Yes, she acted in a play called “Serial Black Face” and she was really good!

How tall is Imani Duckett?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What does Imani Duckett like to do for fun?

Imani loves acting, reading books, drawing, playing outside, and dancing to music.

Does Imani Duckett have a boyfriend?

Imani hasn’t talked about having a boyfriend. She’s focusing on her acting career.

How much money does Imani Duckett have?

She has $2 million, like a huge treasure chest of gold!


In this story about Imani Duckett, we learned a lot of cool things! Imani loves acting like her mom, Jasmine Guy. She was born when flowers start to bloom, which makes her birthday special. She’s done some great acting in plays, and she’s got a lot of fans. Imani is also tall and has a fun time drawing and playing.

Even though she’s not thinking about boyfriends right now, she’s super busy with acting and having fun. Imani’s story is like a fun adventure book that we’re starting to read!

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